A Guide to Creating Flawless Brow Content to Boost Your Business

 As a Brow Artist, creating engaging content is essential for establishing your client base and building brand awareness. Whether you're looking to increase your client reach, educate other industry professionals, or grow your following, this guide will equip you with our best tips and tricks to create flawless brow content that truly stands out. 


Good-quality content starts with great-quality lighting. This is one of those accessories that you simply can’t skip if you want your brow pictures and videos to be eye-catching. Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest are too saturated for poorly-lit images to get high levels of engagement, so it’s worth setting yourself up for success and investing in a professional light setup. 

We are huge fans of Glamcor, as it is truly the best beauty lighting on the market. There is a range of different lamps, all of which can double up as your brow lamp as well as your content light! They are adjustable and dimmable meaning you can always get the perfect shot. Our favourite is the Glamcor Capture, as it has a phone tripod attached which makes creating gorgeous brow content easier than ever!

An image of a Glamcor lamp

Image Set up

This is the most overlooked aspect of taking social media content as it’s very easy to forget about, but make sure you are taking the time to set up the image properly! Lighting and a good-quality camera will only take you so far. 

 The first thing to watch out for is removing anything that isn’t supposed to be in the image such as a rogue lash or a hair in your client’s face. No matter how good the brows are, your followers will be instantly drawn to what isn’t supposed to be there, so make sure you double-check before you start shooting.

Our next tip is to make sure you finish the brows for the purpose of the photo or video. Using brow wax can help set the brow hair to the exact desired position for the picture as well as define the brow hair. Another great hack for getting the subject to look sharp is using a tiny bit of concealer under the brow. This is also a great trick to use when creating before and after brow transformations as it helps to create the wow factor which will in turn help you to gain exposure. Some Brow Artists don’t like doing this as they feel it’s cheating, after all, makeup is transformative and for the sake of creating stand-out content, we love it! 

Camera Lens

Using a macro lens or a wide-angle lens attachment is a very underrated tool when it comes to capturing eye-catching images. It’s super easy to use and is perfect for detailed shots of your work. The 2 in 1 camera lens is London Lash’s secret trick that grew our Instagram following to what it is today!

Educational Content

Educational content is highly valuable in the beauty industry. Share tips, tutorials, and insights related to your brow treatments, shaping, and maintenance to position yourself as an authority in your industry. For example, discuss how to use the Mixing Tool to mix your So Henna powder, how you apply henna on the eyebrows and even which shades from the So Henna range you’re using on your client. This not only helps to cultivate a level of trust from your potential clients but creates the opportunity for a wider community in which you can connect with and educate other brow professionals. 



Short-Form Video Content

Videos are an engaging way to showcase your brow techniques and grab attention on social media. TikTok videos and Instagram reels are the top methods of reaching a wider audience and achieving high-quality engagement. Consider creating short, ‘work with me’ videos or exciting transitions that show a before and after of the brows. Show how you measure and shape brows, explain the importance of different brow products, or provide tips on achieving the perfect arch using the So Henna Caliper. Videos allow your audience to see your skills in action and create a more immersive experience. Don't forget to add captions or voiceovers to ensure accessibility and maximise engagement. 

By showcasing your expertise through captivating visuals, sharing diverse brow styles, documenting before and after transformations, and providing educational content, you can create a strong online presence that attracts clients and establishes you as a sought-after brow technician. Make sure you prioritise this in your brow business as it can make all the difference and take you from having a couple of clients to being completely booked up! Make sure to tag us in your brow pics if you find these tips and tricks useful.