Eyelash Extensions and When to Use Them

Even if you're a pro or coming over to the lash side as a beginner, there is always something new to learn about eyelash extensions. We still receive questions such as - "Why are they called Silk lashes?", "Are these extensions really made from Mink?" and "What is a flat lash?" We're here to answer some of these questions and give an in-depth explanation to the different types of lash extensions.

London Lash Individual Eyelash Extensions Strip

Our London Lash extensions are vegan and cruelty free. Hand crafted to perfection, our lashes are made from synthetic fibre called PBT, a plastic used mainly in wiring - it's sturdy, it keeps its shape and it is hypoallergenic. These are all pros in our eyes.

In the early days of eyelash extensions a lot of the products on the market were not vegan or cruelty free. Mink lashes were made from the fur of the, you guessed it, mink. Their fur is super soft but the effect of using synthetic lashes is better, the synthetic lash keeps its curl and thankfully it is cruelty free. The same can be applied to silk and cashmere, no animal products are used in current Silk lashes, it is just a name we use to describe the type of lash.

Types Of Lashes 

London Lash Mayfair Lashes

Our Mayfair lashes are a deep black fibre with a shiny finish and a tapered end. Mayfair lashes range in thickness and are available from 0.03 and all the way up to 0.20 so your choice of thickness is customisable for any lash set. Suitable for Mega Volume and always elegant for a Classic Set. As these lashes tend to be shinier, they have a darker more dramatic finish, perfect for clients who desire a BOLD look. - London Lash also carries Black/Brown Mayfair Lashes ideal for clients who want a lighter look.

London Lash Chelsea Lashes 


These lashes are a black fibre with a more matte finish. They are tapered at the ends for a soft and natural tip. The range of thickness for Chelsea lashes is from 0.05 to 0.20 to suit all clients and styles. The matte finish to these lashes is excellent for clients who desire a more natural look.

Flat/Ellipse Lashes 

Flat lashes are a total game-changer. A flat lash is like a regular Classic lash but instead it has been squashed - imagine a 0.10 Classic lash and flattening it - it becomes twice the width. Therefore, the lash now looks like a 0.20 lash with the 'weight' of a 0.10 lash. Perfect for clients with weak, damaged or thinning lashes. Illustrated below, you can see how the shape of a Flat lash curves inwards, they hug the natural lash and increase the retention. Flat lashes are super soft and available in 0.10 to 0.25.

Easy Fanning Lashes 

Easy Fanning Lashes are named appropriately, they pop open and fan out once you grip them with a set of tweezers. This is great for a Volume set in less time. So how do they work? Easy fanning lashes have two layers of lashes on each strip. When you grip them they pop open after being released from the strip. Each strip contains 3 numbers - for example - 10, 11, 12. It means that the strip contains the lashes of all three lengths, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm. Use the middle number of these numbers for your mapping, it is the average length of the lashes on the strip. Easy fanning lashes are ideal for wispy lash sets. 


Premade Fans 

No longer do you have to associate Pre-Made Fans with huge bulky cluster lashes. Previously premade fans were heavy, thick and had glue on their base. Those lashes were damaging. Thankfully we have come a long way to create these beautiful London Lash Premade Fans. They are lightweight and cause no damage to the natural lashes. These lashes are heat bonded, which means no extra glue. Just pick them up, dip in your glue and you're good to go.
London Lash 3D Premade Mayfair Volume Fans