Introducing Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes

While Easy Fanning Lashes have been a staple in our lash extensions range for some time, we are excited to introduce Camellia Easy Fan Lashes! These lash extensions are about to become one of your absolute must-haves to work with, cutting down the time it takes to make fans and taking Wispy Lashes to the next level. You’d wish you knew about Camellia Easy Fan Lashes sooner.

London Lash Easy Fanning Lashes Camellia

Why Are They Called Easy Fanning Lashes?

The answer is pretty simple, the name gives it away. Easy fan lashes have the ability to pop open as soon as they’re picked up from the strip of lash extensions, they form a perfect volume lash fan without needing too much effort from you to create one, as they do all the hard work for you! Each lash extension has multiple layers of lashes on the strip, this means that when you grab one with your eyelash tweezers, they pop open into a fluffy fan, spreading out as a hand crafted fan would. Easy fan lashes create dense and narrow fans by nature, but if you place the fan on the strip and wiggle them with your tweezers you’ll be able to create a wider fan if you desire. 

London Lash Camellia Easy Fan Lashes for Lash Extensions

Creating the Perfect Wispy Lash Set

Our standard Easy Fan Lashes have three different lengths on each strip, giving them built-in texture thanks to the variation of lengths. These 3 lengths are 1 mm apart each, for example one fan may have 8 mm, 9 mm & 10 mm all mixed together.Camellia Easy Fan Lashes have two lengths on each strip. These lengths have a difference of 2 mm, for example 8 mm and 10 mm on the same strip. When they are fanned out, they’re already wispy due to the difference in lash lengths, giving you an effortlessly perfect and spiky finish.

Just like using your own hand made fans, you can make the top line more or less wispy by playing with how you adhere different lengths to different layers. To make the top line more even you would need to drop down 1 mm as you go up a layer. For example, your bottom layer would be 10 mm, the middle layer 9 mm and the top layer 8 mm. When the client opens their eyes, this will make the top line look more even with a hint of a wisp and texture. 

London Lash Top Line Lash Map for Lash Extensions

How To Map With Camellia Easy Fan Lashes

This question comes up a lot, but we promise, the process is pretty simple! If you have a way of mapping with Volume Fans, then the skill is transferable. Camellia lashes have a mixture of lengths, but don’t let that throw you off, all you have to do is map with the shorter lengths on the strip. For example, if you start with a 7mm lash extension in the inner corners and you work up to 11mm, then back down again, you’d be using strips of 7&9, 8&10, 9&11, 10&12, 11&13. This will typically give you the same lash map style you would do when you map for your hand made Volume Fans. So map the way you’re used to or the way your client desires using our tips on which lengths to map with to get the perfect lash design. 



  • Do not use Booster on the strip with Camellia Easy Fan Lashes. Booster will make these lashes harder to fan as it will affect the glue on the base which holds the fan together. Don’t worry though, if you’re using Booster for retention you can absolutely still use it on the natural lashes as part of your pretreatment routine!