Lights, Camera, Action

Glamcor LED portable lamps are industry leaders in the field of lighting. Every salon needs the perfect lighting for working on detailed treatments like eyelash extensions or eyebrow treatments. Getting up close and personal with clients is necessary, especially when performing a beauty treatment where detail is key. This is why investing in Glamcor LED lamps and accessories is a must. We’re here to take you through the London Lash Glamcor Collection so you can find the perfect one for you.

Glamcor Reveal Light

A simple and stylish design. The Glamcor Reveal Light is ideal for beginners who are looking for their entry into lash treatments and beauty lighting. This is a powerful lamp with five dimming stages, the lightweight and flexible arm is manoeuvrable for any angle you may need while performing treatments. This is a cost effective option, easy to install and transport, and provides powerful lighting without causing eye strain. 

London Lash Reveal Light Glamcor LED for Lash Techs

Glamcor Elite X

This LED Duo light is a best seller! Out of every Glamcor Lamp in our collection, this one is a customer favourite. The Glamcor Elite X is light and portable, perfect for situations where Lash Techs travel regularly and need lighting which is quick and easy to assemble. There is no ‘cool down’ period, once you’re done, dismantle, pack and go. Glamcor Elite X provides a brilliant white light with five dimming stages which helps focus and avoids eye strain. 

London Lash Glamcor Elite X Lighting for Lash Techs

Glamcor Revolution X

Adjustable to every need, the Glamcor Revolution X is an LED lamp with two flexible arms of different lengths. If you’re in the business of making people beautiful then this lamp is for you. Every detail can be seen using the updated arm design making it much easier to configure your lighting angles no matter the size of your workspace. No more awkward shadows. As always, this is a lightweight Glamcor lamp with five dimming stages perfect for quick changes to fit any situation during treatments.

London Lash Glamcor Revolution X LED Lighting for Lash Techs

Glamcor Capture

Lash Technicians are artists. So capturing the best lighting for social media posts is important when promoting work online. Getting the best camera angle and the best lighting while working used to be a hassle. Gone are the days of asking colleagues to film or take pictures while you work. With Glamcor Capture you’re the Director. Just set your lighting to the brightness of your choice with one of the five dimming options and place your phone in the second arm ready to capture any moment. The arms on the light and phone holder are lightweight, flexible and adjustable for absolutely all angles.

London Lash Glamcor Capture LED Lighting for Lash Techs

Glamcor Multimedia X

This is a dream come true product for beauty technicians and makeup artists alike. The Glamcor Multimedia X Content Creation kit is state of the art in lighting for photography or filming.The arms are adjustable not only for the LED lighting but for the phone too, making this stand ideal for all angles when it comes to capturing your process. The Glamcor Multimedia X comes with a remote control which allows you to adjust colour temperature, and connects to your phone through bluetooth, so you can just click and capture as you're working on your client.

London Lash Glamcor Multimedia x Content creation lighting for lash techs

Glamcor Horizon

The Glamcor Horizon is an indispensable tool for Lash Techs, offering versatile lighting options. Its adjustable colour temperature and smooth dimming enable precise illumination for treatments and post-treatment photos. The innovative 180-degree curved LED arm ensures comprehensive lighting even when the client is reclined, allowing to see intricate details with ease, including the finest lashes.

The Horizon light kit includes a universal phone clip affording Techs the flexibility to tailor their lighting setup for different treatments. The inclusion of a remote control simplifies adjustments, allowing Lash Artists to focus on delivering the best treatment experience to clients, making the Horizon an indispensable companion in the beauty industry.

Glamcor Horizon LED Beauty Light

Glamcor Flow

And why not add a fitting accessory to your chosen Glamcor LED lamp? The Glamcor Flow is an innovative and ideal companion to any Glamcor light, adjustable and compact ready for use during any treatment. The exhaust fans redirect any fumes which may be present while using lash glues, nail polish or any other beauty products. The Flow is a must have for any beauty technician, it helps with drying times as the air can be redirected to suit your needs and your client’s needs keeping them cool and comfortable.

London Lash Glamcor Flow for Lash Techs accessory

Glamcor Riki Skinny Mirror

The Riki Skinny Mirror is outstanding for its versatility and functionality. It combines the benefits of a top-tier portable LED vanity mirror with advanced streaming capabilities. With Bluetooth connectivity and five dimming stages, it offers customisable lighting for makeup and beauty application. Its compact, lightweight design, similar in size to an tablet, makes it perfect for travel. The mirror also features 5x or 10x magnification for precision. What sets it apart is its seamless integration into modern content creation, thanks to Bluetooth selfie functionality and a magnetic phone holder, ensuring effortless selfies and high-quality content with natural lighting, eliminating the need for filters.

Riki Skinny Mirror from Glamcor

Regardless of which Glamcor LED lamp you choose to add to your professional studio, it is a worthy investment. Not only will your job become easier when working on small details, but taking photos and videos to promote your work after you've finished will be effortless with perfect lighting. The small and compact Glamcor base stand is ideal for areas which require compact equipment so they do not take a lot of space, making them a great choice for smaller work areas.