As the winter months set in and the cold weather sweeps across Europe, the hours in the day feel shorter and you find yourself lashing away in longer, darker nights. This can feel challenging and draining, so taking care of yourself and thus your quality of work is important. You don’t want the quality of your lash sets to be compromised due to the busy festive period ahead. Winter is a difficult time for Lash Techs, not only because of the change in weather, but it is also one of the busier times of the year. So let’s discuss some policies you can put in place which will keep your mental health steady and your business practises the best they can be so you don’t compromise on the quality of your work.


It’s important to remember that the festive season will require determination and long hours. More clients will be coming in for their desired lash sets and therefore your appointments will be booked out. This is why we suggestif you're planning to add additional appointment slots, only add two or three per week so as to avoid burnout.

Have a strict deposit and cancellation policy. If a client books in advance, make sure to take a deposit in case of a cancellation, because even though there are more appointments during this season, there are also plenty of cancellations too. You don’t want to book up a full week where you may experience several cancellations and make no money at such a crucial time of year – remember that January tends to be pretty quiet for Lash Techs, so getting ahead now is really important. A deposit and cancellation policy is up to each individual salon / Lash Tech’s discretion. It is standard during busy periods that beauty salons will ask for a 50% deposit before an appointment is booked, so don’t be afraid to implement up to 50% of the treatment as a deposit too. 

London Lash Advice for Winter Lash Salon Deposits

Furthermore, make sure to make your cancellation policy as clear as possible. It’s up to you how much notice you need from clients who are cancelling, as you know how easy it will be for you to fill that slot in the event of a cancellation. Usually up to 48 hours before a treatment is acceptable, as you will have enough time to refund your client’s deposit and fill in the gap in your schedule during this busy season. Any later, and your client should be aware that their deposit will no longer be refundable as it puts your schedule and your income in jeopardy. 

  • If you own a lash salon which employs other Lash Artists, discuss a policy in which you can offer your employees to work extra hours to fit in more clients. Again, be sure to take care that you and your employees don’t overwork and burn out just before the new year. But, if it is something your lash parlour is accustomed to and can fit more clients during busy periods, consider extending your opening hours to fit in more clients – not only will you see a great return but it will make for a positive client experience.

Seasonal Promotions and Packages

The festive season is a great time to give back to your loyal clients. Whether that’s a welcome discount, a discount for returning clients or a referral scheme for regulars who refer a friend, you can offer special promotions which show customer care and consideration. The festive season can be expensive – people are focused on buying gifts, and bills during the winter months can increase, so a great incentive to give your business a little boost may be to offer promotions.

A great idea for a special package deal would be to offer a client a discounted price if they return for a lash infill. Therefore, if a client books in for a full set of lashes, you can offer a package which gives them a discounted price on their eventual infill. But, it is worth noting that your clients should be aware of what constitutes as an infill, any less than 40% of lash extensions when they return would require a new lash set.

London Lash Infographic On Infills or Full Set of Lash Extensions

Additionally, you can offer discounted prices on traditional eyelash extension styles. While the holiday period is a great time to offer special designs which sometimes take a little more time and detail, as a Lash Pro you would have performed thousands of Cat Eye, Dolly or Squirrel lash sets to name a few. So while you are charging full price for exclusive seasonal lash styles, you can offer a small promotional discount for the traditional lash sets you create all year round.

Take Care of Yourself

The winter months can attract unwanted illnesses, from flus to fevers, and it’s never good to get sick around the holidays. If you’re working in a lash salon which employs other Lash Techs, have a backup plan for potential illness. If you have a sick employee and a lash appointment cancellation, spread the Lash Tech’s appointments equally so that you’re not losing out on business.

Of course, if you’re a Lash Artist who works alone, take care of yourself first and foremost – have a policy in place where sick clients cannot come in for their appointment to maintain your health as well as that of other clients and Lash Techs who work with you. During treatments, make sure you’re wearing a Protective Mask, and ensure that you keep your work area clean and sanitised between clients. Always swap out your Nitrile Gloves after finishing a client's lash set and cleaning your work station. A fresh and sanitised pair of gloves will not only keep your hands clean but you can rest assured it will be an added protective barrier.

Don’t fear asking clients to wear a mask and sanitise their hands on arrival. If this is a huge issue for your clients, explain to them the importance of keeping yourself healthy and the reasoning behind this policy. For further protection, if your client is unable to wear a mask for any reason, you can use a Face Shield during treatments too. 

London Lash Cambridge Pro Face Mask

Stay Hydrated and Take Breaks

Finally, remember to take your scheduled breaks and stay hydrated. Our Lash Baddie Tumbler is a perfect self-care gift to get yourself this festive season. With a 750ml capacity you don’t have to get up and down too often to refill it, and it’ll even keep your drink nice and cool for you. Add some fresh fruit for extra refreshment. Staying hydrated improves your energy levels and your focus, so ensure that you keep your electrolytes flowing. 

Keep on top of your meals and eat substantial and nutritious foods which will give you energy for longer than a quick chocolate bar and energy drink. If you’re someone who sits for long periods of time, make sure to get up, stretch and take a quick walk to keep your blood pumping and your body relaxed. So implement some of these policies to make sure you and your clients enjoy the festive period together.