What Is Stringy Lash Glue?

It goes without saying that Lash Glue is by far the most important product in your lash extensions kit to keep fresh. Adhesives have an expiration date which means that if you’re using a glue beyond that date, you run the risk of poor performance with a stringy and goopy consistency. Not only is this unsafe practice, but it’s also unprofessional and leaves your client with a bad set of lash extensions. While very few Lash Techs may think it’s okay to use an expired eyelash glue for one or two lash sets before their fresh glue arrives, this a big no-no! Let’s discuss why.

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Stringy Consistency

You may have heard the terms goopy or stringy glue, or you may have even experienced it yourself. When you notice this consistency, then you know your eyelash glue has expired and you’re better off changing it for a fresh glue. All of our London Lash glues have a specific consistency depending on which one you choose (for more information check out our handy Glue Chart). Once this consistency changes, your adhesive will no longer work the same way. And no, there is no way to bring your glue back to life.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: if you’re lashing from a Jade Stone (which we highly recommend over glue rings) you may notice after 15 minutes or so that your glue, on the stone, becomes stringy – this is perfectly normal, it just means that you need to dispense a new glue drop. What we’re referring to here is glue that is stringy as soon as it’s dispensed from the bottle, or during the dispensing.

So, what does stringy glue actually look like? Well, we have a handy video which you can watch below to see exactly what this consistency looks like. For some Lash Artists it may be difficult to notice this change in consistency when they dispense a dot of glue, this is why in our video you can see a lash extension being dipped into the glue with its stringy consistency being clearly visible as the Lash Artist pulls the lash out of the glue. If you too notice this with your glue, it’s time to change it for a fresh bottle.

My Glue Was Fresh Yesterday, It Will Be Fine!

You may think that because your eyelash adhesive seemed fresh yesterday that it’s not the worst thing to use the glue for one more day, but this can lead to lash damage on your client, or just poor retention. Not only is this unprofessional, but it can be dangerous too. Stringy glue can be difficult to control, especially how much glue you pick up. Once placed on the natural lash, the glue may take longer to dry and since its consistency is goopy it can seep or touch neighbouring eyelashes causing stickies. Stickies are not only bad for aesthetics, but they can lead to permanent lash damage in some cases. Check out our deep dive blog post into stickies.

Furthermore, even if your glue was fresh as recently as the day before, it doesn’t guarantee the same bond between the natural and synthetic extensions the next time you use it. Yes, the eyelash extensions may adhere to the client’s natural lashes, but the retention period will be shorter. Over time, the adhesive properties of lash glue can deteriorate, leading to premature lash fallout. This can result in uneven and patchy lash extensions sets, and disgruntled clients.

Client Reactions

There is research out there to suggest that expired lash adhesive can contribute to increased risks of allergic reactions in clients. As the adhesive breaks down, its chemical composition may change, increasing the likelihood of an allergic reaction. While lash glue is the culprit behind rare cases of allergies and chemical burns (read our blog post for more), the composition of ingredients in glue once expired can pose even more of a risk as the fumes and ingredients react differently. While there is no set answer to this, and as we know in rare instances some people are allergic to fresh eyelash glue, it is best to stray away from using expired glue on clients for their safety.

How Can You Tell if Your Lash Glue is Fresh?

Check the DOP – this is the date of production and it tells you the date that your glue was made and bottled. You’ll find the DOP (formatted as day/month/year) printed on the bottom of the bottle and/or on the aluminium pouch that your glue arrives in. 

You have 6 months from the DOP to use your glue, and after opening we recommend swapping to a new bottle every 4-6 weeks for best results. To keep track of this easily, whenever you open a new bottle of glue, stick a piece of tape to the bottle and write the date on it. You can also set yourself a reminder in your calendar to purchase/open a new bottle, if this helps.

Date of Production on Lash Glue Bottle

How To Keep Your Glue Fresh For Longer

Lash glue has an expiration date and you cannot prolong it forever, you can keep your glue fresh for the duration without causing it to spoil prematurely. While you can store your unopened glue in the package it arrives in and place it in the fridge, you should never store opened glue in the fridge as this can cause condensation inside the bottle, which leads to your glue shock polymerising inside the bottle and becoming completely unusable as a result. Opened lash glues should be replaced with a new bottle every 4-6 weeks. 

Between uses, store your glues in an Airtight Container to keep it away from moisture, and we always suggest you place your container away from any heat sources and direct sunlight to keep the temperature inside within the range that glues perform best in (between 18 - 22ºC). 

Using a Glue Shaker is a great way to reincorporate your glue’s ingredients before use. It’s always advised to shake your glue before dispensing a new dot, but this can be quite straining if you’re using it a lot throughout the day, and shaking for a full minute can really eat into your treatment time. A shaker uses centrifugal force to mix the glue’s ingredients in a fraction of the time. Mixing your glue’s ingredients together will make sure it works the same way each and every time without any separation inside the bottle, keeping it working perfectly for longer.

Glue Shaker from London Lash EU

We hope our information on your lash glue was helpful and your take on board some of our tips on keeping your adhesive safe and fresh. Stringy lash glue can be a nuisance but knowing the signs, you won’t make the mistake of using expired glue and thus you will perform the best lash extension sets time and time again without causing any damage to your client’s eyelashes, or to your own reputation.