The London Lash Volume Lashes Online Course

For many Lash Artists, their humble beginnings start off in a class with a qualified Lash Trainer explaining the techniques, tools and tricks of the trade. At London Lash we pride ourselves on our beginnings as lash extension educators and we have continued with this ethos to provide high quality education to lash technicians at every stage of their career. We understand that not every enthusiastic beginner has the time or availability to attend in person classes, so this is why we have developed the Russian Volume Lashes course online, which is easy for you to fit around your busy work schedule.

What Are Volume Lashes

This is a technique separate from Classic Lashes which takes a single lash extension and attaches it to a single natural lash. With Volume Lashes you are creating lash fans out of two or more much finer lash extensions, which is then attached to a single natural eyelash. This technique creates volume and density which is different to Classic Lashes. To create a volume lash fan you need to understand the tools, techniques and specialist knowledge to create the fans and to apply them safely.

London Lash Volume Eyelash Extensions

The Online Course

Designed primarily with international Lash Techs in mind, the London Lash online volume lash course is perfect for those already proficient in Classic Lashes who aren’t as able to travel and / or owing to a busy schedule. It's also tailored for those seeking to refine their skills and gain insights additional to those offered in other courses they've taken.

Upon enrolment, an email containing an exclusive link will be sent to you. This grants access to our Online Russian Volume Course videos, a downloadable digital manual, and a Welcome Letter detailing how to navigate and complete the course. After mastering the theory and honing your skills in creating volume fans, you'll be prepared to tackle your case studies.

London Lash Russian Volume Lashes Online Course

Course Contents:

  • Adhesive Insights: Understand the adhesive - why aren't lashes lasting, and how to select the best glue.
  • Common Challenges: Address allergies and usual mistakes that might irritate the eyes.
  • Eyelash Extension Removal: Effective techniques for safe removal.
  • Lash Preparation: Tips to enhance attachment and retention.
  • Tools & Products: Focus on the essentials for volume lash extensions and factors influencing the quality and speed of your work.
  • Post-application Care: Dive into aftercare guidelines, maintaining hygiene, and preventing infections.
  • Selection Criteria: Learn to pick the perfect thickness for Russian volume lashes.
  • Styling & Mapping: Broaden your expertise in crafting the right style for every client.
  • Eye Shape Customisation: Customise extensions to accentuate a client's natural beauty.
  • Safety Precautions: Explore chemical burn prevention and its implications.
  • Ensuring Quality: Deal with stickies, assess the purity of your work, and understand the essence of a flawless lash line.
  • Layering & Direction: Master the art of working with different layers and ensuring proper lash direction.
  • Placement Precision: Uncover the ideal distance between the natural lash and eyelid.
  • Lash Dimensions: Use curls and lengths correctly to ensure a perfect look.
  • Maintenance: Essential guidelines to ensure long-lasting, beautiful lashes.
  • Fanning Techniques: Dive deep into London Lash Pro's distinct volume fanning methods, ranging from 2D to 6D.

The real benefit of having all of your modules contained in short videos means that you can watch them as many times as you like to understand the lesson. Remember too that even when you’re not in one of our academies, you’re still a London Lash student, which means that our training team is available to help you with any queries and support you through any struggles.

What You Will Need

As a Lash Tech you most likely have Pretreatment, Lash Glue and Isolation Tweezers, so all you will need to source in addition to these are Volume Lash Extensions and Volume Lash Tweezers which are suited for volume fanning techniques and will allow you to create stunning eyelash fans. For your first volume lashes, we recommend 0.07 in Mayfair or Chelsea, which can be used to create fans from 2D up to 5D, which is all you’ll need to perfect for the purposes of passing the course.  If you are not practising on a model or friend, a Mannequin Head is your best option, it has multiple layers of lashes so is closer to a set of real natural lashes than a strip of practice lashes. If you are using lash adhesive with a fast drying time, it can be worth considering a slightly more gradually drying adhesive, as it can take a while to get used to placing volume fans compared to classic lashes. 

London Lash Volume Lash Extensions Kit


Completing the online course in your own time and from the comfort of your own home or salon is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge and techniques which you can offer clients without the hassle of travel, accommodation and time restraints. You will have 6 months to complete this course in your own time, you will be able to rewatch and review any information as many times as you wish, and will still have the full support of the London Lash training team. In person training is a great option for some students depending on their learning style, however they do entail being given a lot of information at the same time, therefore this course is perfect for people who enjoy taking their time when learning a new skill. Furthermore, this course has been developed by Master Lash Trainers with a proven track record of providing high quality lash extension education, so you are in good hands and can feel confident in the knowledge provided to you from qualified technicians who have worked in the industry for a long time. Needless to say, gaining a certificate of completion for Volume Lashes provides you with a whole new clientele for your business.