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So Henna Pre-Inked Brow Mapping Thread

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So Henna Pre-Inked Mapping thread makes it easier than ever to map the brows ready for brow henna or other tinting and shaping treatments. 

Brow mapping thread is used to mark the eyebrows in the easiest way possible to achieve symmetry between the brows before the use of brow henna and/or hair removal treatments. 

The thread is pre-penciled with a white paste to save you time and fiddly guesswork. Simply cut the thread to size using the dispenser’s built-in blade, and begin to outline the brow – no need for pencils or other tools at all!

Important reminder - Please always make sure you patch test your clients 48 hours before using henna on their skin! Our henna is for professional use and should only be used by trained brow technicians. 

Product details

  • High quality mapping thread
  • Colour: White 
  • 20 metres/ 67Ft 
  • Approximately 200 applications
  • Suitable for all skin types

IMPORTANT:The thread is stored in a small bag inside the black dispenser so that the ink does not dry out. If you have any difficulty with stretching out the thread and pulling the string out, open the dispenser, loosen the bag inside, stretch the thread slightly and then close the dispenser gently. Please wear clean gloves when doing so to avoid cross contamination and staining your hands.

How to use

  1. Cut off a length of thread (around 15cm) and pull it taut to map out the brows.
  2. Hold it to the skin and press to create fine, accurate and straight lines to work with.
  3. Remove with a damp cotton bud or a microbrush.
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Customer Reviews

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Love it! Other Threads i’ve tried looses the colour so quick so i’ve always had to take more and more thread. With this one i only need it once 😍