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Spare Glue Nozzle 3pcs

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Fed up with your adhesive nozzles becoming blocked? 

ALL lash technicians have experienced the frustration of their lash adhesive nozzle becoming stuck in the cap! It’s important to clean your glue nozzle with a  glue nozzle wipe every time you dispense a drop of adhesive to prevent it from happening.

However what if you forgot and this happens mid-treatment? You might not always have an extra glue to hand!

Always have a pack of spare glue nozzles to help you out of those "sticky" situations! 

  • use in case the nozzle of your  glue gets blocked
  • easy to change 
  • keep your glue clean and fresh all the time
  • pack of 3pcs

Please choose a nozzle according to the glue you are using from the 2 options available.

Think you need a new glue instead? Shop Adhesives  Here.

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