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March 10, 2021 3 min read

Let’s face it, pretreatment is a minefield. From cleansers to primers, boosters to prebonders - what does it all mean? And does it even make a difference? 

To cut a long story short, how you complete your pretreatment has as much of an effect on the retention of the lashes as the glue you use. It can be the difference between 2 weeks of retention, and 5 weeks of retention, so it is very important to get it right - lash retention is client retention, after all!

We’ve all been there, we tell our clients ‘no mascara between sets, and come to your appointment without any makeup on your eyes!’ and then, just like clockwork, they show up 10 minutes late with glitter eyeshadow from the weekend all over those glue bonds. You’re screaming inside, I know. Now is when you hand over the bottle of foaming cleanser and direct them to the bathroom!

Having your client do the first thorough wash of their own lashes works on a few different levels:

Firstly, it gives you time to make any last minute preparations to your work station - have you got everything you need?

Secondly, they know how hard they can press and not be uncomfortable, therefore it tends to be more thorough, because there are no ‘am I pressing too hard’ doubts. Thirdly, it is a gentle reminder that the responsibility for clean lashes lies on them! (and I say this from experience because, I confess, I have been a mascara wearing client in the past..). 

Next comes the London Lash 3 step pretreatment routine:

Step one is our protein remover pads - these are tiny but ever so efficient! If there are some remnants of mascara in between those lashes, or some makeup or oils around the eye area, you can go in with one of these super soft little pads to clean up a bit. If you’re doing an infill, just make sure to avoid the glue bonds as the fibers can get caught! 

 Top Tip! The protein remover pads have lots and lots of product in them - if you want to use all that goodness, take a microfibre brush, press down onto the top pad and voila! No risk of glue bond damage, and all the fantastic qualities of your protein remover pads. 

Step two of the golden trio is Cleanser. ‘But they’re clean!’ I hear you say. Sure, but Cleanser has a high alcohol content which gets rid of EVERYTHING - any oils, any residue from foam cleanser that might be left, any little tiny traces of makeup will be gone. 

Step three is Primer. It’s a MUST after Cleanser because it puts moisture back into the lashes after the high alcohol content of the Cleanser. It gets those lashes ready to have extensions placed on them like nothing else. For an extra touch of luxury, why not go for one of our scented cleansers and primers? It’s such a little thing, but a slight waft of Cherry or Coconut can take your client’s experience from an 8 to a solid 10!

Now for the trickier parts - when should you use Prebonder and Booster? Are they always necessary? 

Prebonder is a bit like an amped up Primer, almost as if Primer and Booster went on a little weekend away and came back with an extra family member! Prebonder is going to be your very best friend if your client has very dry lashes - it adds a touch more moisture and really gets the glue interested in sticking around. (pun intended) Prebonder isn’t really necessary for all of your clients, but those who need it will thank you for discovering it! 

Booster, on the other hand, is perfect for those oilier clients. It has a high alkalinity which opens up the hair structure and gives the glue more surface area to grab onto. If your client has oily skin and has struggled with retention due to this (as an oily person, I have to sympathise!) Booster will absolutely save their lashes! This effect will be true for all lashes, of course, but you’ll find it makes the most noticeable difference for your oily babes. If you want to know more about this amazing product, keep your eyes peeled on the blog - I love this product so much I’ll be writing a whole post dedicated to it! 

Now you’re ready to go! Get that map drawn and slay some lashes! 

Until next time, Kittens!

Lots of love xXx

Post prepared by London Lash expert, Laura Brown

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