Lash babes, it’s time to shake things up. 

Gone are the days when you had to shake your glue by hand - it’s tiring, it can get glue in the lid, it can even be messy if not done correctly! The fact of the matter is that shaking your glue by hand is OUT, and using a glue shaker is IN. 

What’s so great about a glue shaker anyway? Why can’t you shake by hand? 

It Will Save You Time! 

Shaking by hand only does so much, and takes so much longer than using a glue shaker. If you shake by hand, you HAVE to shake the bottle vigorously for at least a minute to make sure all of the glue’s ingredients are totally combined so that your glue can work and behave as expected. With a glue shaker, you reduce shaking time by 45 seconds each time! That might not sound a lot, but let’s break it down a bit more…

During a 2 hour appointment, you change your glue dot every 20 minutes or so. That’s about 6 times, maybe more. So you’re saving yourself about 4 and a half minutes per set which is time to place a couple of extra extensions, or take a couple of extra photos for your Instagram! 

Perfect Mixing!

It just does it better. Using centrifugal force to shake anything just yields better mixing results. It gives a much more thorough mix, meaning that your glue will be amazing from start to finish. No more loss of quality half way down the bottle because you used up all the good bits and are just left with some black pigment and a bit of stabiliser. 

Save Your Nozzles!

That centrifugal action we mentioned will also do wonders if you tend to get glue all up in the nozzle, because it keeps the glue AWAY from the nozzle! When you shake something from the middle it is forced outwards to the sides, then recollects in the middle when it stops moving. Thus, it keeps the glue out of the nozzle which is not often the case when you shake by hand, because it’s so easy to shake the bottle up and down (we’ve ALL done it) and end up with a blocked nozzle, or a nozzle that spits glue all over you when you open the lid - not a good look. 

Functionality aside, these are cute little gadgets with a shiny finish and rose gold detailing, so it even looks cool on your trolley!