How to Find Balance Between Business and Leisure

Burnout really exists! Believe us when we say we know just how simple it is to take on one more client, one more infill, or a tiny bit more administrative work.

As a self-described (former) workaholic, I used to try to cram everything in - no task was too big, no client demanded too much; I'd find time for everything! What this resulted in, however, was a lack of time for me. I wasn't sleeping enough because my mind was so focused on my to-do list, and I wasn't eating properly because I didn't have time to eat during the day OR I was too tired to cook when I got home at night. Does this sound familiar? Here’s some advice.

Avoid overbooking

It's so simple to accomplish and it's a big one! It's a busy time of year; you already have regular clients scheduling appointments for lash infills, plus you're probably bringing in new customers who would love a full set of lashes for the holidays.

What happens then if a regular client tries to make a last-minute booking? Well, even though you might ordinarily do everything in your power to fit them in, you might just have to say no this time!

Although it can be difficult to say no, especially to your favourite regulars, it must be done. You need boundaries both as a person and as a business owner.

Schedule Your Lunch Breaks

Using a google calendar is one of the greatest methods to efficiently arrange your time; it's free, easy to use, and connected to your gmail account. Simply block out the time you'll spend on each job, including your lunch breaks, on the calendar.

This is also a pretty wonderful method to display your appointments if you don't currently have a booking system in place. You can even colour-code them for different treatments!

You'll benefit more from taking a lunch break than you may realise. Even just that brief period of time where you're sitting up straight and giving your eyes and mind a break will be amazingly beneficial.

Keep a small gap of time between appointments

Although you would assume that this is in case your appointment goes longer than expected, it's actually so that you can take a short break and take care of yourself for five minutes. Stretch, organise your trolley, and drink some water.

Nourish Yourself

DON'T substitute coffee for meals! I could conclude this discussion right here: yes, you get a tiny buzz, and you could get some calories and dopamine from it, but you don't get anything else.

You undoubtedly deserve treats, so I'm not saying you shouldn't treat yourself to a cup of coffee, but you should consume foods that will energise you as well. Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, and protein, and make sure you're also having some fat and carbohydrates - you need them to function.

Make sure you have things that not only take care of you, but also make you happy - things that are tasty, fun, and that you actually want to make time for and enjoy.

Take Some Time to Pamper Yourself

Last but not least, give yourself a little Pampering. Whether it's a face mask and hot bath at home, a massage, or a manicure and pedicure, you deserve it!

Of course, there are simple things you can do to improve your mood and keep your mind sharp, including reading a book, watching a movie with a friend or partner, or taking a short stroll to clear your head.

It's super easy to stay busy, but make sure that in amongst all the business growth, the self-improvement and the looking out for others, you take time to enjoy yourself and clear your mind. After all, what's the point in growing your business if you don't take the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour?