What Should You Know Before You Get Eyelash Extensions? 

Your clients have questions, and we have the answers! Whether you’ve been lashing for days, weeks, months or years you’re sure to have been asked all sorts of questions about the lashing process that you may or may not have had the answers to at the time. We’ve rounded up the most common questions being asked by clients and we’ve jotted down some answers for you, so that you’ll always be able to give the best possible advice! 

What Are Individual Lash Extensions?

Individual lash extensions are single faux hairs which are applied to your individual eyelashes one by one, they can enhance the look of your eyes by thickening and/or lengthening the appearance of your lashes, and adding curl, among other effects. It depends what kind of a look you are hoping to achieve specifically as to which lashes exactly are used, as they come in a range of lengths, thicknesses and curls. 

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What Should You Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi permanent, meaning that they won’t be coming off after just a few hours or few days, but they won’t last forever. The reason for this (of course there are some other factors which can have an effect) is that our natural eyelashes have their own growth cycle just like the hair on our heads, and will eventually fall out by themselves, taking your lash extensions with them. 

Due to this, you’ll need to be booking infill appointments to have your extensions reapplied every 3 weeks or so to keep your lashes looking fresh and full. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that very occasionally, someone may have an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions glue – this is rare and actually happens to clients more often when they’ve been having eyelash extensions for years as the body builds up a resistance to the glue, but it is something that should be taken into consideration.

What is the Duration of Eyelash Extensions? 

Individual eyelash extensions can last on the eyelashes for months, however as our natural lashes have their own growth cycle, it’s important to have regular infills to keep your lash sets looking full. 

Something else to consider is that you can have your eyelash extensions removed at any time if you decide they’re not for you, you’d just need to go back to your lash tech to have them removed professionally to ensure that you are kept safe. 

What is the Damage After Eyelash Extensions?

If eyelash extensions are applied correctly, there shouldn’t be any damage at all. If you remove lashes after wearing them for a long time, you might notice that your natural lashes are a little flatter than they were before – if they usually grow upwards – but they will soon go back to normal.

It’s worth noting that eyelash extensions can cause damage if they’re not applied properly, the most common way that natural lashes cause damage is through poor isolation and from the resulting stickies not being separated – a stickie is a lash extensions industry term that basically means that one or two lashes are stuck together. The reason that these can be so damaging (not to mention uncomfortable) is because it can result in lashes being pulled out by the root, which can prevent them from growing back entirely. 

What Should We Clean Our Lash Extensions With? 

Care tips for eyelash extensions are very simple, you need to clean them once per day at least using a foam cleanser and some cool or lukewarm water, and then give them a little brush through to keep them fluffy (if you have volume lashes especially). Foaming cleansers – often known as lash shampoo – are the best things to clean lashes with as they are the most gentle (ie. require the least amount of rubbing to get the lashes clean) and they have been formulated specifically for use in eyelash extensions aftercare, so usually include antibacterial ingredients which combat things like blepharitis which can be the result of not washing your lashes. 

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Eyelash extensions are as popular as they are for good reason – they save you time on your beauty routine, they increase your confidence levels and they last longer than a lot of other beauty treatments with a very small amount of upkeep. It's well worth answering any questions your clients have about eyelash extensions, as it proves to them that you are someone with all the knowledge and skills to keep their lashes safe and healthy.