What's the Difference Between London Lash Glues? An Introduction to Every Glue, to Help You Pick the Best Glue for YOU!

Go to any eyelash extensions supply website and you’ll be met with a choice of at least 3 different types of glue. The simple reason for this is that each lash artist has a different texture preference, different room conditions, different levels of experience, and all sorts of other preferences and factors which might affect which glue they need. While we all love a recommendation from a friend, there’s no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to glue so it really pays to know all the ins and outs of the glues you’re looking at, so that you can make the most informed decision based on your own needs and preferences.

Satin Bond

Satin Bond is our most gradually drying lash adhesive. With a 2 second drying time and a satiny texture, it’s the ideal choice for beginner lash techs, or for anyone who needs a 1 second drying time and has very high humidity. 

Satin Bond has a medium viscosity, which makes it easy to pick up the correct amount on the lash/fan that you’re dipping into it. 

Like the majority of other lash glues in the London Lash store (and in the wider market), Satin Bond works best in temperatures between 18-22℃, and favours a humidity level between 50-65%. If your humidity is higher than this, bear in mind that any glue you use is likely to cure more quickly than advertised so if it is something of a problem for you, it’s well worth looking into a dehumidifier.

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Lady Bond

Lady Bond has been part of the London Lash collection since the very beginning and has been a favourite of lash techs worldwide the entire time. Lady Bond is ideal for lash techs of all levels, and as such is the glue that we include in our classic and volume kits.

Lady Bond has a runnier texture than Satin Bond, which makes it very easy to pick up the correct amount. Like Satin Bond, Lady Bond prefers a humidity level between 50-65%, and a temperature between 18-22℃.

Crystal Bond

Crystal Bond is London Lash’s only clear lash glue. On paper, its stats are almost exactly the same as Lady Bond, however due to it being clear, it can be a little tricky for beginners to use as it’s harder to see at a glance if you have the right amount of glue on the lash/fan base. 

Crystal Bond being clear makes it the perfect choice if you’re using coloured lashes or black brown extensions as it provides a seamless glue bond. It’s also great for use with regular black lashes too, if you prefer to only use one lash adhesive. 


Flexie became a fast favourite of many lash techs when it was launched back in 2018, and has continued to be our best selling glue since. Flexie has a 1 second drying time but works consistently in a wider range of humidity levels than other glues so has been a staple for lash techs with more changeable conditions. 

Flexie’s rapid drying time makes it a good choice for advanced lash technicians who are well used to placing lashes without needing to correct them – we don’t typically recommend Flexie for Lash Techs who have less than 2 years of experience, but like I mentioned in the beginning, every lash tech is different, and you may well be a fast lasher right from day 1! 

Flexie works best in temperatures between 18-22℃, but maintains a consistent drying time in humidity levels ranging between 40-70% 

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Power Bond

Like Lady Bond, Power Bond has been featured in the London Lash lineup since day 1. It is a very fast glue, curing in 0.5-1 second after being dipped. Needless to say this is for very experienced lash techs, and really needs you to keep a constant eye on your temperature and humidity levels as well as your placement speeds. 

Power Bond works best in temperatures between 18-22℃ and humidity levels between 50-65%. If you don’t already, it’s well worth picking up a hygrometer in order to monitor and maintain your room conditions.

Royal Bond

This is one of the newer additions to our glue collection, and at first was met with a little bit of scepticism due to its higher price point. Allow me to explain, though. Royal Bond maintains its 0.5-1 second drying time in humidity levels between 30-80% which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is a huge range and quite unlike any of our other adhesives. To that end, if you have issues with big fluctuations in your humidity during the day, Royal Bond will be the absolute best choice for you because it can keep up with those changes and give you great results regardless.

Let’s suppose for a moment that you place lashes in just under a second after you’ve dipped it into the glue. If your humidity is at 30% you will be fine with Power Bond, though it will be a little on the slow side. However, if your humidity flies up to 70%, you’re going to really struggle to form a bond with Power Bond as it will be drying too rapidly. In this case, you’d do well to have another glue on hand such as Lady Bond or Flexie. That’s a great method and we’d never discourage it, however using Royal Bond means you’ll actually be saving a little bit of money and you will only have to keep track of one glue, rather than 2 or more.

I will also just take a moment to tell you a personal anecdote, just to really help sell Royal Bond to you, if you’re on the fence. Back in 2018 we were testing Royal Bond to see if it really was as good as it was supposed to be, and if it was something we wanted to stock. My lash tech used Royal Bond on a full set of lashes she did for me about 2 weeks before Christmas. Come six weeks later, my lashes were still super full and weren’t showing any signs of going anywhere (for context, I have extremely oily skin and I am so prone to picking at my lashes that I only have Lash Lifts these days, so having a full set after two weeks is impressive; the set still being full after 6 weeks is unheard of). My colleague set about removing my lashes and it took far longer than we could have expected – 6 week old lashes + Gel Remover vs Royal Bond was no joke. All of that is to say that Royal Bond will be your absolute favourite glue ever as long as you can keep up with its drying time.

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All in all, the glue you choose is a completely personal choice to you – consider your room conditions, your placement speed and your level of experience before you go ahead and purchase a full-sized bottle. We have samples available if you want to try out a couple before making a commitment, and once you’ve found your favourite, we offer a subscription service so that you can get it delivered as often as you need it!