Being able to adjust and adapt to ever changing situations becomes second nature. Whether that be changing your glue during the summer months to a faster drying one, or due to situations out of your control, you decide to use premade fans rather than making the lash fans yourself. We’ve compiled a list of situations that you might find yourself in where using premade fans may be the wisest choice!

We’ve all been there - a client hasn’t left themselves enough time to get their lashes done before needing to be somewhere else. There was a time where full coverage either just wouldn’t be possible, or you'd need to opt for a hybrid set to save time but keep your client happy. Well, with our gorgeous premade fans you can reduce your treatment time to up to 50%! 

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Choosing premades will allow you to give as much coverage as possible to the client whilst being able to perform your full pretreatment routine and feel happy that you were able to properly check for stickies before sending them on their way. Their lashes will also look just as good as if you made the fans by hand!

Another occasion we’ve all experienced one too many times is when a client comes in for an ‘infill’ with only a couple of lashes left. It’s cause for a full new set, and we all know it. Although there’s not enough treatment time for the full set, the client is still wanting to leave with the same volume as normal. We definitely advise on these occasions you explain explicitly the difference between the two types of treatments and why it’s important to book for the right one, but by using premades you can cover a few more lashes than you would if you were making all the fans.Now, let’s talk about clients with LOADS of natural lashes. Naturally, this would take a long time - the more lashes, the more you need to cover. Realistically you want to cover a minimum of 80% of the lashes, however the goal is 100%. Premade fans cut down that time spent hand making fans, so you’ve got a happy client and it’s a lot less stressful for you! Premade fans may just give your clients the best sets they’ve ever had!

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So in conclusion, we’d argue that premade fans are a great idea in terms of reducing your overall treatment time, increasing overall revenue and giving you the flexibility to provide a full service to clients who have maybe left you in a sticky situation! You’ll still be able to give them amazing coverage, amazing retention and the high quality they know and want from you.