4 Layers Active Carbon Face Mask

4 Layers Active Carbon Face Mask

- Active Carbon Face Mask is necessary protective tool for each lash artist.

- everyday we breath in fumes of eyelash adhesives that can lead to headaches and health problems.

- these brand new high quality face masks have 4 layers of filters

- non-woven, super soft material to absorb fumes from the adhesive and dust particles which may cause irritation. 

- 4 Layer materials are SBPP, Active Carbon, MB and SBPP

- the active carbon filter adsorbs odour and organic gases

- Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of 99%

- elasticated ear loops and soft, non-woven fabric layer make them very comfortable


Each mask comes in individual packaging.

Available in quantity of 10pcs.

Size: 9 cm x 17.5 cm

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