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Brow Xenna® Two-phase Fixing Tonic

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Two-phase fixing tonic for henna washing off BX Brow Henna

This lotion for cleansing BX Brow Henna delicately takes away dried layers of henna without washing the color out of the hairs and skin. The lotion’s soft composition and light moisturizing effect allows it to conclude the coloring procedure correctly, no matter what the skin type and its complexity.

Instruction for use:

Spread the necessary amount of lotion on a cotton disc. Gently pat the eyebrows with it, delicately taking away the layer of henna. Repeat the procedure if necessary.


0.9% sodium chloride, containing 9 g of active substance and distilled water hypertonic 10% solution containing 100 g of active substance perfume composition "tropical duet pineapple and coconut.

 Available in 50ml