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Are your clients complaining about the neck pain while having their lashes done? Make sure to make their experience as comfy as possible with our Memory Foam Neck Pillow!

  • a super supportive lash pillow has been developed with yours and your clients' comfort in mind! 
  • specially made with an ergonomic design for the best neck support for your client
  • gently sloping sides when the weight of a client's head is applied, secures the pillow on one level line, helping you to avoid your lash extension products rolling towards clients head during the eyelash extensions procedure
  • provides enough room to keep your lash palette next to your client's head to speed and ease your work
  • the foam inside is tailored to not retain moisture, to guarantee no effect to the behaviour of your glues

Matching London Lash bed covers are available  here!

To maintain the highest hygiene levels, make sure to store some spare  pillow cases, and change them as often as possible.

Product details

  • pillow measurements: 67x57x20cm 
  • made from memory foam with flannel cover to provide best comfort
  • skin-friendly and breathable material
  • washable: memory foam pillow is hand wash only. 
  • removable pillow cover (the cover is washing machine washable in 30C temperature) 
  • perfect fit for all eyelash extension beds
  • available in different colours

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