Let's Talk About Lash Salon Hygiene

It goes without saying that beauty salons and services should always be clean and hygienic for clients. Whether you work in a lash extension salon or you’re a mobile Lash Artist, having a hygienic work environment, clean tools, and safe practices is vital for both client health and business success. Furthermore, to keep not only your reputation squeaky clean, but also your business, many countries and regions will have guidelines and rules regarding hygiene and sanitation when it comes to beauty services. So let’s discuss some of the best practices today.

Lash Techs Working In Lash Salon

Work Station

Keeping your workplace clean is vital not only to attract new and returning clients, but also to keep them safe from bacteria, illness and infection. After all, we discuss the importance of Pretreatment and Aftercare for clean and healthy lashes, but this should also extend to clean and healthy work environments too. You don’t want your treatments to cause any infections or illness to you or your clients through unsafe and unhygienic practices.

If you’re looking to improve where cleanliness is involved but want to do so without generating more waste than you need to, make sure you read up on our blog post all about Becoming An Eco-Friendly Lash Artist. To sum up briefly, keeping your salon hygienic does not have to be a heavy chemical and bleach kind of cleanup. In fact, so many products on the market today are eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals so your salon can stay clean, safe and smell fresh day after day. Use biodegradable wipes to wipe down surfaces such as your lash trolley, lash bed, Memory Foam Lash Pillow from client to client, and make sure your tweezers are always clean.

Memory Foam Neck Pillow Faux Leather Case

Tools and Storage

Depending on the country and area you live in, there may be laws, rules and regulations on keeping your doors open by following industry standard hygiene practices. Of course, this isn’t just a regulation, it’s a necessity to keep yourself and your clients safe after all. These laws are in place to keep your clients safe, so make sure you know your local legislation on hygiene and what you must do from client to client, and make sure you act on it.

Some countries may require you to sterilise your tools and equipment using an autoclave, while others may just require a sanitisation using disinfectant sprays and wipes. Regardless of set rules, we always implore Lash Artists to have the best hygiene habits. Clean your workstation and tools after every client, and always have a spare pair of Tweezers so that you can work with a clean set from client to client. At the end of the day, clean all wipeable surfaces and make sure bins are emptied appropriately.

After each disinfection and clean up of your tools, especially Tweezers, let them dry on a paper towel and then store in a Tweezer Case or Tweezer Holder. Your tools must be fully dry so that they do not tarnish while they are in storage. Not only will storing your tools make sure your workstation is neat and tidy, but it will also keep them clean and ready for your next use. 

Magnetic Acrylic Tweezer Case

Of course, some tools for lash treatments such as Pretreatment and lash cleansing are disposable to keep your clients absolutely safe. Micro Fibre Brushes, Micro Brushes, Cleansing Applicators and Mascara Wands should be disposed of after each use. But, as noted, if you are an eco-conscious Lash Artist, you can use our Metal Handles for Cleansing Brushes and Applicators, so that all you need to is simply toss away the Disposable Brush or Mascara Head, which reduces your single-use plastic waste by around 80% compared to using entirely disposable brushes, and means that you can clean your handle and reuse it time and time again. 

Lash Techs

An important aspect of keeping yourself safe is to always wear a Mask during your lash extensions treatments. Not only are you protecting yourself from working close to Lash Glue fumes during the day, but you are working closely to your clients who, unbeknownst to you, may have a flu or cold developing. For further safety you can wear a Face Shield or Protective Eyewear, not only to protect you from illnesses but from bacteria, dust and glue fumes which may enter your salon every time a new client comes in. You can also choose to wear a pair of Gloves during treatment, though this isn’t typically a requirement. It’s important though to ensure that you are washing your hands and using hand sanitiser between clients, regardless of how clean your tools and work space is, or even if you wash your hands consistently. 

Lash Tech Wearing Protective Mask and Gloves for Treatment

Mobile Lash Technicians

Last but not least for all you mobile Lash Techs out there, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you! We understand the work life of a mobile Lash Tech is totally different from that of someone working in a beauty salon, so added protection and hygiene is necessary. Mobile Lash Artists may work by doing guest spots in a beauty salon for a period of time or go from home to home of their potential clients. This adds an additional layer of disadvantages when it comes to cleaning and sanitising. 

The best thing you can do is of course to follow the above steps and keep your tools and equipment clean, disinfected and protected in professional storage. If you own a Lash Pillow, we suggest purchasing a Faux Leather Pillowcase to help with easy sanitisation after each client. Wear your protective mask, face shield or eyewear and wear a pair of gloves if it makes you feel safer and doesn’t impede your ability to lash accurately. If you carry equipment such as a Glamcor LED Lamp and Glamcor Flow to help with air circulation, make sure you use biodegradable disinfectant wipes to clean your equipment after each home visit, or an antibacterial cleaning spray designed for use in salons. 

Lash Artist Wearing Gloves and Mask for Lash Treatment

So there you have it, some tips on how to keep your workplace clean and sanitised for the safety of yourself and your clients. Remember, some places require strict regulations for clean and hygienic salon practises, so be sure to check regulations in your area and always keep up with your cleaning, making sure it’s maintained and up to standard.