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Reusable Metal Handles for cleansing brushes

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Tired of single use plastics clogging up your bin?

Sick of throwing away disposable applicators at the end of every treatment?

Want to be more environmentally conscious?

We’ve got something for you...

As the first professional brand in the market to replace plastic lash trays with paper boxes, we are constantly working hard to improve our product line to become a more eco-friendly and sustainable business. It’s not a fast and easy process, however we are determined to improve regardless of the difficulties and company cost associated with it. 

And now, we proudly present to you our Reusable Metal Handles for cleansing brushes (lipstick applicators)! It’s a perfect solution to contribute to less plastic waste to the environment! Simply dispose of and replace the cleansing brush insert after each use, disinfect the handle, and you’re ready for your next client!


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