An Introduction to the London Lash Flat Lashes

Flat Lashes vs Classic Lashes

We see plenty of questions asking:“What is the difference between your Flat Lash vs Classic Lash collections?”  The Ellipse Flat Lashes are an ingenious and revolutionary product in lashes. A Classic Chelsea Lash in the London Lash range varies in thicknesses between 0.10 up to 0.20 for each individual lash. The thicker the lash extension the heavier it will be on the natural eyelashes. London Lash Flat Lashes are similar to Classic Lashes but they’re much lighter, with Flat Lashes weighing about half of what a Classic Lash would. For example, a 0.20 Flat Lash will weigh around the same as a 0.12 Classic Lash. With Flat Lashes you will achieve a thicker and bolder look but only a fraction of the weight.

London Lash Ellipse Flat Lashes VS Classic Chelsea Lashes for Lash Extensions

What are the London Lash Ellipse Flat Lashes

Okay, so you may be thinking:“I understand the difference, but what are flat lash extensions? Lash extensions are tiny, why does the weight matter?”  Well, every single client has different eyelashes and sometimes they require new and innovative products. Natural lashes can be weak, brittle or sparse so Flat Lashes are perfect for clients whose natural lashes are unable to handle heavier extensions but who still want dense, dark eyelash extensions. 

You may have heard flat lashes referred to as ‘split tip flat lashes’ and that is because the tip of the flat lash has a small split down the middle, which results in the flat lashes still being super soft to the touch. Flat lashes are formed from fusing together two much tinier lashes which is how they are lighter, and what gives them their unique flat shape and split tips. The London Lash Flat Lashes are available in mixed trays including lengths from 8 - 13 mm, and single length trays ranging from 7mm up to 14mm. They are available in C, CC and D curls, and range from 0.15 to 0.25, so you are bound to create stunning looks to meet the needs of any client.

Who Are Flat Lashes For?

As we mentioned before, clients come to your salon with an array of different natural lashes; some may be thicker than others, they may grow in different directions, and they will all be different lengths too. If they’re your regular clients, the chances are that you already stock the products to work with their lashes. 

But for clients with very thin, weak or sparse natural lashes, it can be difficult to achieve long lasting retention if you use Classic or Mayfair Volume lashes. To achieve a great lash extensions set for these clients it is perfectly ideal to use Ellipse Flat Lashes. Their concave shape wraps  120° around the natural lash and provides a wider surface for the lash glue to adhere. As flat lashes are thicker they will provide the volume, coverage and desired density for the client.

London Lash Flat Lashes VS Classic Lashes for Lash Extensions

How Can You Use Flat Lashes

Flat Lashes can be used in a variety of ways just as you would classic lashes. The thickness of flat lash extensions allows you to create voluminous lashes with little effort. The concave curve of the flat lash is ideal for any natural lashes even if they’re not weak or thin. The split tip of the lash extension gives it an even thicker and fluffier effect so you won’t have to worry about using more lash extensions than you need to depending on the desired look. While Flat Lashes are not suitable for creating Volume Fans due to their shape, using them in Hybrid Lashes for a wispy lash effect is a great alternative, a great example of this would be a Wet Look.

London Lash Wet Look Lashes using Flat Lash Extensions

Another example of a map we have provided below is the Natural Strip Lash Map using hybrid lashes. Here you can use 6D Premade Fans for the desired volume lashes in the shortest length of the extensions and then build up the length in your second and third layers using flat lashes. This hybrid set will add volume, length, and texture, and will open up the eye with the lifting wing effect in the outer corner of the eye.

London Lash Natural Strip Lash Map using Premade Volume Fans 6D and Flat Lash Extensions