London Lash is Carbon Neutral and Eco-Friendly

A company saying that they are sustainable and eco-friendly is one thing, but making the changes and implementing them is what makes a difference. At London Lash, we are proud and committed to make steps towards being a much greener and carbon neutral company for our customers and the planet. To help reduce our impact on the planet, we have changed packaging on products, introduced alternative versions of products and packaging which generate less waste, and we’ve made sure to introduce carbon neutral deliveries which can help our environmentally conscious clients rest easy in knowing that they’re purchasing from a company with commitment to their ethos and values. 

Carbon Neutral Delivery

Carbon neutral deliveries work on the basis of offsetting any carbon emissions that may be created during the delivery process of getting your product to your client. To offset those emissions, a company may be committed to planting trees or flora which absorbs carbon dioxide, or investing in new technologies which store carbon dioxide to be used as renewable energy later down the line. At London Lash we are working with a company which calculates the carbon emissions from every single delivery that we send out each month, and we then put money towards projects which are committed to taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, and storing it for future use. So you should never feel guilty when your London Lash products are delivered to your doorstep, you’re actually doing something good for the planet without spending a single cent more.

London Lash Carbon Neutral Delivery for Lash Technicians

Product Changes

The original London Lash customer may remember some of our products looked a little different. For example, we have swapped out all plastic packaging on the London Lash Primer and London Lash Booster bottles, along with most other London Lash Pretreatment liquids. Our new packaging is elegant and sleek, and let’s face it – more environmentally friendly. The glass containers are recyclable unlike most plastic bottles, and we aim to develop further products in these classy glass designs in the future.

Furthermore, you can see below what our Lash Extension Collection used to look like, and what it looks like now. Back in 2018 we swapped from the industry standard of storing lash extensions in plastic trays, to cardboard boxes which looked nicer, and were more environmentally friendly. After some deeper research into sustainability though, we redeveloped those lash trays as they contained a magnetic strip and Spot UV, which are not recyclable, and involved a process which, needless to say, was longer, creating more emissions and used more product. So, instead we redesigned our range and created our signature matchbox design, which is sleek, sustainable and completely recyclable packaging. Great for aesthetics and great for the planet.

London Lash Chelsea Lash Extensions for Lash Techs

For Lash Techs who find themselves overly using disposable products such as mascara brushes for lash extensions, we created an eco-friendly range which reduces plastic waste by 80% compared to using completely disposable versions. Our disposable brush heads are designed to perfectly fit in the Reusable Metal Handles for cleansing brushes and mascara brushes, meaning that the only part you’re disposing of is the little brush head, instead of the full wand. Our reusable handles are made from high quality stainless steel, meaning they can be disinfected and completely sterilised, and that they will last you a lifetime!

Lastly, gone are the days of throwing away little pieces of paper or foil to clean your lash glue – with our Biodegradable Glue Nozzle Wipes you can rest easy as these wipes are lint free and eco-friendly… and, they can come in handy for other uses too, such as cleaning your tweezers or lash palettes.

Delivery Packaging 

How many times have you purchased something from an online retailer and it arrives in a huge box full of plastic, which is more packaging than your ordered product? Packaging is one of the most harmful and polluting factors in online shopping, especially if the packaging is non-recyclable or doesn’t biodegrade. 

Previously at London Lash, we have used protective bubble wrap to dispatch our products, however we have now switched to paper wrapping which is of course reducing our carbon footprint, but also allows you to recycle the paper yourself instead of filling your workspace with single use plastics. 

Additionally, we have also changed the plastic bags which keep lash trays clean and tidy on their way to you to biodegradable, plant-based alternatives. We have moved away from plastic packaging tape to Kraft paper tape and implemented biodegradable and recyclable padded envelopes, and any larger orders that might have once been filled with those pesky ‘packing peanuts’ made from plastic, now contain biodegradable packing chips made from starch which dissolve under water and don’t release any pollutants into soil or water systems. Not only are they much friendlier to the planet, but they’re fun too! Now you can get all the best lash extensions supplies without worrying about the planet’s future!

Shopping with London Lash means that you’re supporting change in the beauty industry and change for the better of our planet. We hope to inspire you to reduce your waste and use our products with the peace of mind that your choice was an eco-friendly choice.