The Perfect Holiday Festive Lash Extensions

For many of your clients, celebrating the holiday season may not be a particularly religious time, or they may not even share the same religion. Therefore, being able to offer eyelash extensions in broad festive styles for all to celebrate the holidays and the coming New Year is a great way to be inclusive and make sure everyone feels celebrated. To help you with some lash inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of our brand new and exclusive lash extension styles designed to fit clients who wish to show off a holiday spirit and enjoy the end of year in style.

Festive Celebrations and Champagne

❄️Winter Wonderland Lashes❄️

Using a Dolly Lash Map as a base means that any Lash Tech will know how to create the stunning design with ease. If you’re not yet familiar with a Dolly Lash Map, check out the tutorial in this blog post. Winter Wonderland Lashes take the timeless Dolly style map and sprinkles it with snow and wintery chill, giving a cool outcome by using Black, Silver and Light Blue eyelash extensions. Perfect for clients who love winter and want a lash set with icy charm.

To create this style simply follow the mapping of a Dolly lash set using lashes ranging from 7 - 12mm in length. Working in layers, isolate the client’s eyelashes using some Tape, and begin to take down the lashes layer by layer using your Isolation Tweezers

For the bottom layer of lashes, use Silver eyelash extensions to create volume fans and lash spikes in short and long lengths. Apply the spikes sporadically but evenly for an extra fluttery effect. 

For the middle layer, take your Light Blue coloured lashes in medium lengths. Follow the same pattern of lashing as the bottom layer but only use volume fans. Finally, to frame the lash look perfectly and create a stunning colour block, lash the top layer using regular black eyelash extensions in short and long lengths. 

Winter Wonderland Eyelash Extensions Map

Festive Cheer Lashes✨

This eyelash extension design uses one of 2023’s trendiest styles – Wet Look Lashes. If you’re unfamiliar with these, make sure you read our dedicated blog post on how to create them. 

Festive Cheer Lashes are a bold and eccentric look for the most festive and daring clients. Using a touch of Gold and Silver lashes to lift the outer corners of the client’s eyes, this style also features bold glitter lash spikes, sparking cheer in not only the client but anyone who sees their lashes.

The Festive Cheer Lash design uses spikes to create a wispy and spiky finish to the set, meaning that this is the perfect opportunity to use Premade Lash Spikes which you can utilise to save time and focus on the fine details. Use lash extensions ranging from 6 - 10mm in length, and work with the shortest lengths from the inner corner, finishing with the longest in the outer corner. 

Once you reach the last two sections in the outer corner, switch to your Gold and Silver lashes. Apply Silver to the bottom layer and transition smoothly to Gold on the top layer for an even lash set. Finish off the spiky lash look with bold and eccentric silver glitter lash spikes for that added touch of glamour and festive cheer. Check out our guide on how to create glitter lashes.

Festive Cheer Eyelash Extensions

🦊Arctic Fox Lashes🦊

You may have recently seen our Autumnal lash trend of Fox Lashes which you can check out here. Well let us introduce you to the frosty and arctic twist for a new winter favourite. The Arctic Fox Lash design follows a Fox lash map, but utilises Sky Blue and White (or Silver) lashes for a breezy colour burst in the outer corners of this eye-catching and lifting lash set.

To create this design, use lashes ranging from 7 - 12mm in length and work in layers to create a very bold and striking look. Work up 1mm at a time to the last three sections before introducing your coloured lash extensions. Here you will create a very even yet striking upwards lift to the outer corners by lashing in three layers – to do this, be sure to take a close look at the way that your client’s natural lashes are growing, so that you can choose a complementary curl for them. 

Make sure you isolate the eyelashes perfectly and begin by introducing the Sky Blue extensions to the bottom layer in a mixture of volume fans and fluttery spikes. Your middle layer hides a very contrasting pop of White volume fans in short and long lengths which are seen when the client blinks, giving this lash design a frosty touch of arctic proportions. 

Finally, your top layer will be in your regular black lashes to frame the set beautifully giving a nice contrast and seamless blend to the coloured eyelash extensions.

Arctic Fox Eyelash Extensions Map

🎆Fireworks Lashes🎆

Is your client a lover of coloured eyelash extensions? Are they bold, fierce and daring? This may be the striking eyelash set for them. 

Following an Extreme Cat Eye lash map, Fireworks Lashes utilise Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, and Dark and Light Green lashes for a festive explosion of colour. That’s what we call a pop! For clients who may have wide set eye shapes, Extreme Cat lashes may not necessarily be the most suitable style so consider Squirrel or Dolly lashes to create a similar effect with a burst of colour.

Working up from your shortest lengths of 7mm in black lashes, create lash fans or use Premade Volume Fans for a speedy treatment and go up 1mm each time you move on to another section. You can of course use classic lashes for these looks too, if your client is a fan of colour pops but still values a softer look. 

When reaching the outer corners of your client’s lash line, introduce colour in your longest lengths from 11 - 12mm and then taper down again 1mm at a time to 10mm to frame this fierce set evenly. Make sure to space out your coloured lash fans for a smooth and blended transition of colour.

Fireworks Lash Extensions Mapping

🎇NYE Lashes🎇

Last, but certainly not least are our NYE Lashes; fit for every client who desires a celebratory lash set fit for any festive occasion. The perfect design to ring in the New Year with glitz and glamour, this design follows an Extreme Strip lash map which utilises framing lash spikes for a very wispy and fluttery outcome. The result? A very bold, eccentric and festive look.

NYE Lashes feature a mix of black lash extensions with even additions of Gold and Silver glitter lash extensions. Make sure you map your design carefully for an even finish. 

Take your Mapping Pen and create the perfect map on the client’s Eyepatch by mapping your black sections using 6 - 11mm lashes in length. Then, map each coloured lash section with lashes ranging between 11 - 15mm. That’s right – this lash set is bold! 

By following our exclusive lash map, you can see an even transition between black eyelash extensions and the seamless blend of Gold and Silver glitter lash spikes. Work seamlessly by isolating layers into the client’s lashes, and if you need assistance, read our blog post on how to isolate lashes like a pro for tips and tricks.

NYE Eyelash Extensions Map

And there you go! The perfect festive lash designs for any client seeking the most festive and glamorous looks fit for any cheerful occasion this holiday season. Have you got what it takes to create these beautiful eyelash extensions? We think so! So why not show them off by tagging us on Instagram - @london_lash_eu and have your stunning designs be adored by new and potential clients?