A Guide to Fox Eye Lash Mapping

As Autumn is coming to a close, there is still time to enjoy the season and offer your clients one of the trending styles of lash extensions, which is bound to turn heads. Perfect all year round, the Fox Eye lash map is making a resurgence this Autumn as the seasonal style for clients who are seeking drama with a chic edge. While most may confuse the Fox Eye for a Cat Eye style, this dramatic lash map provides even higher drama with a twist of using lash spikes in the outer corners, which achieves a twist to the classic Cat style that many lash enthusiasts love. So why not read on to discover how to create this glamorous look.

Fox Eye

As mentioned above, the Fox Eye eyelash style is similar to the Cat Eye. It has a very sharp, lifting effect on the outer corners of the lash line. While Cat Eye lash mapping has a very uniform gradient of increasing lash lengths from the inner to outer corners, Fox Eye adds added lift to the outer corners, and for even more drama, you can add length using lash spikes to the outer corner to create a spiky and flickery edge to the eyelash look.

Fox Style Lash Extensions on Model

Perfect all year round, this lash style has started trending once more this Autumn season for clients who desire a touch of drama and added lift during the cold nights and early sunsets. The Fox Eye is a great addition to your repertoire when it comes to seasonal offerings, especially when changing up your designs to fit the seasons. With Halloween behind us, clients may be looking for glamour with a natural touch, which the Fox Eye is absolutely perfect for.

How to Achieve the Look

Following the lash map provided below, you will notice that the Fox Eye is similar to the way you would map your Cat Eye. If you’re unfamiliar, check out our blog post on how to create a Cat Eye lash set here. Starting with your shortest lashes in the inner corner, build up your gradient 1mm at a time until you reach the last third of the lash line. Follow a 1 mm increase in the bottom, middle, and top layers of the lash map and decrease your lengths for the very last section of the outer corner. This way, you will create a very sharp and fierce lift to the eye shape.

Infographic of Fox Eye Lash Map

For added length and even more drama in the middle section of the last third of the client’s eyelashes, you will add lash spikes which are 1-2 mm longer than the lashes you’ve used along the lash line in this section so far. To create lash spikes, you will use Primer, which is applied along the lash extensions on the strip. Simply dap a little product onto a Micro Fibre Brush and apply it on the tips of the lashes which will hold into place creating a spike. For an easier and quicker lash treatment, check out our Premade Lash Spikes. Ultimately, the Fox Eye lash style is perfectly paired with our Mayfair Extreme L Curl lashes in 0.07, as this lash curl creates a very fierce and intense lift to the outer corners of the client’s lashes.

Infographic of Fox Eye Lash Map With Spikes

Does it Suit Everyone?

This lash style is very bold, which means that it draws attention to the client’s eyes immediately. Usually, we do not recommend Cat or Fox eye for clients with very wide-set eyes as the sharp lifting edge of the lash extensions will make the eyes seem even further apart. Therefore, this style is not for every single client, but it is perfect for clients who want to create a wider look or desire an extreme lifting effect. The Fox style is ideal for clients with hooded or monolid eyes as the Extreme L Curl will fit and frame their eyes perfectly, creating an elongated, almond shape.


If you are interested in using different thicknesses or lash curls with the Fox Eye lash style you do not have to use only the Extreme L Curl lash extensions. For a slightly more dialled-down look, the L or M Curl lash extensions are also perfectly suited for this style. With their lifting appearance but slightly more curved base, the Fox Eye will have a more natural outcome that will suit almost any client who desires this style but still wants to keep a natural-looking curl which suits their natural eyelashes. You can experiment with curls and lengths depending on what suits your client best. Check out this video below using M Curl lashes to create a sultry Fox Eye look:


Video Credit - Kristina Notte


For a very Autumnal and drastic Fox Eye, why not add a pop of colour to the lash spikes used in the outer corners? Attach 3 - 4 Dark Orange lash spikes to the outer corners to add not only a pop of colour, but the essence of the autumnal season. On the other hand, if you’re creating this look all year round, the Fox Eye with colourful spikes is perfect for creating Mermaid Lashes, which alternate colours in the spikes for a beautiful, aquatic outcome.