How to Create Glitter Eyelash Extensions

The favourite time of year for most is fast approaching. Whether that’s Halloween or Christmas, embracing the seasonal changes has always been a trend. While it gets colder, many start to take a more experimental approach to their fashions and aesthetics to fit the time of year – it’s the perfect time to try something new. So what’s new in eyelash extensions? Let us guide you through the trend of Glitter Lashes and how easy they are to create and add in to lash looks for special occasions. Not only are these glitter lash extensions completely customisable to your client, but they will also accentuate any festive or spooky look you may be creating in the coming months.

What Are Glitter Eyelash Extensions?

Glitter lashes are not a new concept. In fact, long before eyelash extensions were even a thing, glitter false lashes were a hot trend. Think early 2000’s: everything is colourful and blurring the lines of realistic and exaggerated. That’s exactly what glitter lashes are for – accentuating a lash look and exaggerating the results with a colourful pop. 

Glitter False Lashes

Glitter lashes started out being mostly associated with fantasy lash looks that were used for competitions, but these days they are quickly becoming associated with festive or Halloween periods, glitter eyelash extensions can be the perfect addition for any client looking to impress with their immaculate look and style. 

Generally speaking, glitter lashes are mostly going to be requested for a specific occasion, and you do need to be careful when adding glitter to a set of lashes as no-one wants glitter entering their eyes by accident. The longer the glitter is a part of the lash set, the more likely this is, so it’s well worth discussing this with your client so that they can come back to you to have those glittery extensions taken off once their event is over. With that being said, glitter lashes look stunning and are a conversation starter for sure, so why not bring some of the colour from the 2000’s back to today?

Who Are Glitter Lashes For?

As mentioned above, today glitter lash extensions are more associated with Halloween or festive celebrations, adding a touch of colour to the winter season. But there’s nothing stopping you from offering glitter lashes all year round – in fact, they are perfect for clients attending music festivals or Pride events, there are no boundaries.

Of course, we must note that using glitter in the eyelash extensions will not result in realistic lash sets. That should be clarified with your client too. While it is up to you and the client to decide the amount of glitter used, if they’re looking for a very natural finish, glitter lashes may not be for them. These are lash extensions which are bold and scream personality.

How to Create Glitter Eyelash Extensions

Firstly you will need your Eyelash Extensions, feel free to use absolutely any desired lashes for whatever lash style you are mapping out. Secondly, pour some glitter into a Glass Dish for easy access. As an eco conscious company (which you can read more about here) we are aware that most glitters are microplastics, and so we always recommend biodegradable glitters for our eco friendly Lash Techs and their customers. Try to use glitters which have smaller pieces, as larger pieces won’t adhere as well, and can overpower look a little. 

Next, take your favourite pair of Tweezers – if you’re creating fans, make sure your tweezers are suitable for volume lashing techniques. Now, carefully dip the tips of your fan, spike or single lash extensions in Crystal Bond clear lash glue and then simply dip into your glitter. Make sure to tap away any excess glitters before placing the lash to dry. Once it’s dry, you can apply it to the natural lashes as you would any other fan or extension. And there you have it, pretty simple. Check out the video below demonstrating the technique.

What Kind of Looks Can You Create?

As mentioned, glitter eyelashes can accentuate any lash look or eyelash extensions. You can glitter up Coloured Lashes and create spikes for the outer corners, Or scatter some glitter lash fans throughout the lash set. Why not mix colours for a festive theme? Red and Gold glitter can be very eye-catching, or creating Mermaid or Manga Lashes with some glitter added to the spikes is a perfect way to add just a touch of sparkle. The opportunities are endless, and you can take inspiration from your client’s needs and your own creative freedom. Don’t feel like there is one lash set or style suitable for this technique – come back for more inspiration to our Blog in the coming weeks and months where we will discuss stunning seasonal lash looks including glitter eyelashes. So go out there and make the world sparkle.

Glitter Eyelash Extensions on Model

Photo Credit - @beautybubble.syd

TOP TIP - When it comes to aftercare, if your client is not able to come back the day after their event to have those glittery lashes removed, simply advise them to proceed with their usual Lash Shampoo cleansing wash, but to be be more gentle and careful around the glitter. As you’re not covering the entire lash in glitter, there will be enough space for your client to clean through the lashes without scrubbing away any glitter. Make sure you demonstrate to your client how to do this correctly.