How to Pick the Correct So Henna Colour for Your Client

One of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of your work is helping your clients achieve stunning, well-defined eyebrows. Henna brows have quickly gained popularity due to their natural and long-lasting results. With the So Henna Brow Kit at your disposal, you have a powerful tool to create gorgeous henna brows that your clients will love. Arguably the most important part of the henna brows process is selecting the right shade to perfectly suit each client. In this guide, we'll delve into the art of selecting the best So Henna colour for your clients, ensuring you provide them with the best results!

Henna brows results using So Henna brow henna

The Importance of Choosing the Right Colour

Selecting the correct So Henna colour for your clients is a crucial step in achieving exceptional results. Each individual's skin tone, hair colour, and personal preferences play a significant role in determining the most suitable shade. A well-matched henna brow enhances the overall appearance and complements the client's features, contributing to a harmonious and natural look. There’s nothing worse than your client looking in the mirror to see eyebrows that are far too dark! 

Check outthis chart to help you with picking the perfect So Henna shade!

Client Consultation

Begin by conducting a thorough consultation with your client. Take the time to understand their desired outcome and preferences. Consider factors such as their skin undertone, natural hair colour, and the final look they wish to achieve. Engaging in open communication during this step is key! Some clients may not feel comfortable giving directions, so make sure to ask lots of questions.

Assessing your client's skin undertone is a crucial aspect of colour selection. Individuals with warm undertones typically suit shades like reddish-brown, while cooler undertones may be complemented by ashier tones. The So Henna range offers a variety of colours to accommodate different undertones, including two mixing shades, ‘Espresso’ and ‘Sweetener,’ to add warmth or coolness to any of the henna powders.

The client's natural hair colour should always guide your choice of So Henna shade. Opt for a colour that matches their hair, creating a seamless transition between the brows and the hair. If you have a client with very blonde hair, you’re better off going for a shade like ‘Macchiato’ as opposed to ‘Hot Chocolate.’ The So Henna Brow Kit provides an array of shades, from deep browns to lighter hues, ensuring you have options for every hair colour.

Henna brow powder from the So Henna collection

Custom Colour Blending

Sometimes, achieving the perfect shade requires a little bit of creativity. The So Henna Brow powders are completely blendable, allowing you to mix different henna colours to create a bespoke blend that perfectly suits your client. If you can’t pick just one colour then you don’t have to! This versatility ensures that you can fine-tune the shade to match your client's unique features.

It’s also extremely important that you are mixing your henna powder thoroughly with the So Henna Mixing Tool to achieve the best results. Check outthis blog for our top tips on creating the perfect henna mix!

Maintaining and Enhancing Henna Brows

Remember, the process doesn't end once the henna brows are applied! To ensure your client enjoys the longevity and vibrancy of their new brows, recommend the use of a high-quality brow oil. A nourishing brow oil, such as the one offered by So Henna, not only helps keep the henna colour intact but also promotes healthy brow growth and conditions the skin.

So henna brow oil for henna brows aftercare

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can provide an exceptional and tailored henna brow experience that leaves your clients feeling confident and delighted with their new look. With the wide range of colours and customisation options available through the So Henna Brow Kit, you have all the tools you need to create stunning henna brows that stand out! If you have any questions, just pop a message on the chat, and a member of our team will be happy to help!