Introducing the London Lash Mega Volume Tweezers

Are you a Lash Technician specialising in Volume Lashes? Maybe, you’re someone who has a passion for creating Mega Volume Lash Extensions. With the London Lash range of Eyelash Tweezers, you are able to create perfect and fluffy lash fans. Whilst our current range of Tweezers is tried and tested by professional Lash Artists and already has a wide variety of different shapes, here at London Lash we are always seeking innovation and creating products which will make your work easier. We’re excited to finally introduce our long awaited Mega Volume Lash Tweezers, developed with exceptional detail and care to be the ideal addition to your lash extension kit.

Mega Volume Lash Set by London Lash

Photo Credit - London Lash Darja

What Are Mega Volume Tweezers?

Our brand new lash Tweezers are the perfect tool for creating mega volume lashes. These Mega Volume Tweezers are lightweight and easy to use, with three different tip shapes to choose from. They are made from stainless steel to be durable, comfortable and most importantly the ideal weight to avoid any wrist strains. 

These eyelash tweezers are perfectly suitable for an autoclave and are barbicide resistant for the ultimate disinfection and sterilisation without the worry of rust or breakage. With that being said, always make sure your tweezers dry completely after disinfecting to ensure they don’t tarnish in the Tweezer Case or on your lash trolley overnight. 

Lastly, feel safe to use our Glue Remover for Tweezers with this range too. This product works wonders to remove any excess or cured lash adhesive on your tweezers. Simply dip your tweezers into the liquid, wiping them on the foam balls inside, and then tape them out perfectly clean and ready to use! 

Which Lashes Are Mega Volume Lash Tweezers For?

First let's talk about Mega Volume lashes. These lashes are typically volume fans of 6D or more. Because the fans are larger they need to be created with finer eyelash extensions in order to keep the natural lashes safe. The finer a lash extension is, the more difficult it is to create fans, so you need to use specialised tools to achieve the results that you want. Mega Volume Tweezers have a combination of thinner tips than your standard Volume Tweezers, and they have the incredible grip you need when creating, picking up and placing volume fans. 

We have Mega Volume Lashes in both of our main lash collections: Chelsea lashes in 0.04 and 0.05 and Mayfair in 0.03 and 0.05. These lashes are super lightweight and suitable for mega volume fanning techniques. They have different finishes, our Chelsea collection is semi-matte while Mayfair is dark and bold, so depending on the desired result your lash of choice will be perfect and suitable to be used with your new tweezers for Mega Volume Lashes. You'll also find that these tweezers are perfect for use with our Easy Fanning Lashes too.

How Are They Different to Other Volume Tweezers?

Comparing the Mega Volume Tweezers to our Multifunctional or Volume Tweezer range you can see some similarities. Multifunctional Tweezers have been developed as special tweezers which have multiple uses, such as isolation or picking up classic lashes. However, when creating lash fans, these tweezers are only suitable for small 2D fans. Their straight shape and thin tip won't give you the grip or correct fanning technique to create mega volume fans. On the other hand, our Regular Volume Tweezers do have a thicker, much stronger grip which is therefore ideal for Volume lash fans. However, due to the shape of the boot, their grip is mostly suitable for fans of 2D - 6D. While in most cases these volume fans will be your go to choice, when creating Mega Volume you are in need of a pair of tweezers which will not only grip the correct amount of lash extensions, but the tweezers also need to have the surface area and strength to perform the fanning technique for a larger amount of eyelash extensions.

Shapes and Variations

Our new Mega Volume Tweezers are available in three different shapes which you can choose based on your personal preference. If you already have a favourite shape of volume lash tweezers, you are likely to find at least one pair of these brand new mega volume tweezers familiar! Due to every pair of tweezers being finished by hand, each pair has its own unique “sweet spot” (point of the best grip). Try to grab the fan with different parts of the tip to find the perfect grip position. 

Ultra Fine Tip Mega Volume Tweezers -These tweezers feature a super slim and straight grabbing point of 5 mm offering the ultimate precision when grabbing multiple lash extensions. It is a favourite shape for Lash Technicians who like the wiggle or rainbow fanning technique, but these tweezers are suitable for any of the various techniques which you may be used to. They are also ideal for picking up Easy Fanning Lashes and Premade Fans.

Ultra Fine Tip Mega Volume Tweezers from London Lash

Long Slim Mega Volume Tweezers - These tweezers come with a super slim tip which is 7 mm in length. They are suitable for various fanning techniques, so feel free to experiment with comfort and precision. The 45º angle tips make these tweezers a go-to for Lash Techs who favour the pinching method for volume fans, allowing for a clear and precise view of your detailed work.

Mega Volume Long Slim Tweezers for Lash Extensions

Wide Tip Mega Volume Tweezers - Features a wider boot and angled tip for ultimate control and detailed vision over your volume fans. This is another favourite shape for those Lash Artists who prefer ‘boot’ style tweezers, a unique and universally comfortable shape. These tweezers will allow you to grip with precision and confidence and are suitable for any fanning techniques you prefer.

Wide Tip Mega Volume Tweezers from London Lash

Each pair of Mega Volume Tweezers weighs only 16.5 - 17g, making them super durable and lightweight, comfortable for any Lash Tech to use all day every day.

Whichever shape you like the best, you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving tweezers of the highest quality. Each and every pair of our new Mega Volume Tweezers has been hand-tested by Lash Specialists to guarantee quality and comfort.You’ll be effortlessly creating lash fans of up to 16D with these Mega Volume tweezers in no time at all.  

Fiber Tip Mega Volume Tweezers

We have also made sure to develop our Mega Volume Tweezers in the beloved Fiber Tip versions. These tweezers are all grip, with its hex tip textured grip you will grab lash fans with ease. If you're used to using Fibre Tip lash tweezers, then don't fret, you won't have to adjust too much using the new variety of Mega Volume Tweezers also available in Long Slim, Ultra Fine Tip and Wide Tip.

Fibre Tip Mega Volume Tweezers


Unlike cheaper alternatives, professional-grade lash tweezers undergo strict quality control to guarantee a defect-free product. Moreover, their durability ensures a longer lifespan, ultimately giving you better value for your investment. Therefore, even if they come with a slightly higher price tag, choosing our professional Mega Volume Lash Tweezers can dramatically elevate your lash artistry and return value over time.

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