Advice for Special Occasion Lash Extension Sets

Every client entering your salon will come in with a reason for wanting to have a set of lash extensions. Whether that is for something simple like a vacation or they want to look nice and beautify their look for a weekend, their reasons are plentiful. Some clients on the other hand will come to you with a very specific occasion in mind and it may put a little bit of pressure on you to achieve the perfect lash set for that client. But don’t fret, follow our advice to put your and your client’s mind at ease by giving them all the information they need in order to give them enough time to be informed of the process.


If you are performing a lash extensions set on a client attending a Wedding, or more specifically on the Bride herself, then you must give the correct advice so that the eyelashes are perfect for the big day.

If a Bride-to-be comes in asking for a beautiful set of lashes, with some time before the wedding day, it is in your and their best interest to do a test run of the lash extensions beforehand. For example, the client may experience an allergic reaction to the lash glue, which will of course ruin not only their look, but potentially their whole wedding day as well. Doing a test run or at least a patch test on the client is important, not only will they experience what their lashes will look like for their special day but it will give them time to work around what is necessary to keep the lashes healthy and prolong retention, such as choosing suitable makeup or facials which aren’t too oily or would interfere with eyelash glue leading poor retention.

A test run is a good idea to be done around four weeks before the wedding, when the client comes back you can simply perform an infill and add to any gaps where lashes may have fallen out naturally to achieve the desired look. This should be done around a week before the wedding giving the client time to make sure they have not developed any allergic reactions. As allergy to lash glue is accumulative, there is a small chance that any client could react to lash extensions glue at any time, so giving them enough time before the big day is important.

Typically brides today tend to want a natural makeup look that doesn’t overshadow their wedding dress. Something like Classic Lashes in a Squirrel style would be perfect for a bride as it highlights their eyes just enough and isn’t overbearing on a more natural makeup look. You’re looking to accentuate the client’s eyes and add to their overall aesthetic. Using Chelsea 0.15 Lashes in a C or CC Curl would be most suited for a nice and natural look. On the other hand Ellipse Flat Lashes are just as lovely, they have a tapered split tip which would add a touch of volume to the ends of the lashes but not overwhelm the client’s natural eyelashes.

London Lash Classic Lash Set Example


For a client who desires a lashes for their Birthday it is probably just as important to perform a lash treatment a week or so before the client’s big day. If a client comes in on the day of their birthday and potentially has an allergic reaction several hours after the treatment, it’s a recipe for disaster. Advising those clients who come in on their birthday for a set of lashes, to come after their birthday as a pampering treat is probably the best idea, as there is the small chance if they react to the lash adhesive, it will absolutely ruin their day. 

Generally, the rule would be similar to lashes for Wedding clients, giving the Birthday customer a few days before their special day to have their eyelashes done would be best. On clients who typically get lash extensions for special occasions like their birthdays it may be a great idea to do a more bold eye look. Hybrid or Volume Lashes are a stunning choice. Not only would the extra volume give a bold pop around the eyes but it will accentuate their makeup and potentially their overall look too. It’s that bold touch that is just enough to be eye catching and attention grabbing for a client who’s the centre of attention on their special day. For Hybrid or Volume Lashes using a mixture of Chelsea and Mayfair Volume Lashes is typically a Lash Artist’s favourite choice. For an extra pop you could add some Easy Fanning Lashes to give a touch of texture.

London Lash Volume Lash Set Example


This would be another type of client we would advise to have their eyelash treatment prior to their big day. Graduations typically happen once, or twice in a lifetime. A client would want this day to be as memorable as possible and what better way to add to their pretty attire than to have a beautiful set of eyelash extensions too? 

For younger clients such as Graduates it would be a great idea to create a softer set of lashes, something that does not overwhelm the client’s graduation gown and dress. Furthermore, this is an emotional occasion, if the client sheds a few tears they wouldn’t want a full Volume Lash set to be wet and messy thereafter. Seeming as a graduate may be a younger client and their makeup for the occasion may be softer, a lash set such as Half Lash Set of Angel Lashes would be perfectly suited for them. These lashes sit very naturally and simply accentuate the eyes, opening them up and give off a lifting look from the outer corners. A lash extension style such as Half Lashes or Angel Lashes, is rather refreshing and would give the client a very rejuvenated appearance with a touch of texture.

Read our blog on Angel Lashes here and how you can achieve the perfect Wispy Lash spikes using Primer.

London Lash Wispy Angel Lashes Example

Party Events

This occasion may be more broad and generic in the sense that party goers who seek lash extensions may be coming in for different reasons, so different styles of lash sets would suit a different occasion.

For example if a customer is going to a work event, such as a summer work party and they want to stand out with a bold and exciting lash set, then perhaps Volume Lashes would be perfect for them. With Easy Fanning Lashes or even Wispy Lash spikes you can add texture to their look which will be even more eye catching. 

A client who may be attending a summer pool party with friends on a weekend may want something light and yet still effective. Wet Look Lashes may be the perfect light, yet bold wispy lash set for them. Though it is important to educate and advise your clients on occasions around water such as pool parties, boat parties or vacations around the beach. For these clients, you should always use Superbonder Sealant to instantly cure the lash glue so that your clients can get their lashes wet without any issues, this negates the advice usually given to avoid water for around 24 hours after a lash treatment. For clients on a party vacation where pools and beaches may be involved, it’s always great to suggest they purchase Lash Shampoo from you, this is the ideal lash aftercare product which will cleanse and clean your client’s lashes from any dirt, makeup, oils or even salt water after a day of partying. Lash Shampoo will not only take care of their natural lashes but prolong their lash retention too.

London Lash Wet Look Lashes Example

Lastly, your client may be attending a very classy dinner party or dinner date. Here they may not want something bold and extravagant but simply a lash set to accentuate their attire and makeup. A Classic Nude lash set would work wonders for these clients giving them just a touch of elegance and opening up their eyes. Using Ellipse Flat Lashes for this set will create a bolder finish with the illusion of a little bit more volume.

London Lash Nude Lash Look Example


So there you go, no matter the occasion, as a Lash Artist you play a huge role in helping clients feel beautiful and bold for their special days. Make sure to consult with your clients, find out what look they desire and the time frame they have before their event so that you can give them the best possible advice.