The Airtight Lash Glue Container

Lash Glues are an investment and you always want to use as much of them as you can before they expire. It’s never a fun time finding that your lash glue has dried up at the nozzle or isn’t working as it should be. At London Lash, we have always advised that you store your glues in an airtight container away from any sources of heat or direct sunlight, and we’re excited to introduce you to our brand new Lash Glue Airtight Containerredesigned based on your feedback. Get to know the newest addition to your eyelash extension kit. This glue container is sleek, stylish and compact for any eyelash studio or mobile Lash Artist. Keep your Lash Glue safe and fresh without having to worry about finding a suitable kitchen or home appliance container to do the job instead.

London Lash Airtight Glue Container for Lash Adhesive

Eyelash Glue Container Specifications

Our brand new container is not only stylish with its minimalist beige design, but it works like a dream at the same time. Don’t be deceived by its size, this container will store up to 6 bottles of London Lash eyelash glues in one place so that you’re not looking around for your favourite glue before every eyelash extension treatment. Furthermore, you can always keep tabs on how many eyelash glues you have at the same time, meaning less chance of overstocking, and you can also see at a glance when you should repurchase your next stock instead of having several glues laying around in different places around your beauty salon.

London Lash Airtight Glue Container for Up to 6 Lash Glues

Benefits of the Lash Glue Airtight Container

So, what’s so good about a container besides just keeping your adhesives in one place? Well, as we have always advised, keeping your lash glue out of sunlight, in a container which is airtight will prolong the life of your glues. Simply put, if you keep air away from your lash glue, no humidity will be able to get to the glue bottles, so won’t be able to cause them to dry up prematurely. With this container you are assured that all of the bottles inside will stay upright, so no glue will run into the nozzle and cause a blockage forcing you to stock up on Spare Glue Nozzles and Glue Nozzle Wipes.  This lash glue storage container is absolutely airtight to keep any humidity and moisture out, moisture will cause your lash adhesive to dry out or perform poorly on the client’s lash extensions. Storing your eyelash glue in a controlled container will prolong its life and you can be assured that all you need to do is take your lash glue out, give it a quick spin in your Glue Shaker and you’re ready to go.

London Lash Glue Shaker and Lash Glues Accessory

Storing the Lash Glue Container

Lastly, we have to be transparent. The London Lash airtight glue container is no miracle worker if stored poorly – you need to know how to store the container itself. We always advise placing a small silica gel pouch inside the container with your lash glues to absorb any excess moisture, and make sure the lid is secured to create the airtight seal we’re looking for. After doing this, never place the container in a fridge or a freezer. While the airtight container controls moisture and light, it isn’t temperature controlled, if you place it near a heated area or in a cold fridge it will affect the conditions. Placing the container inside a fridge could create condensation within the container itself, thus affecting the conditions of the lash glues.

We always advise to keep your lash glues in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. With this lash glue container, you should do the same. Simply place it close to your work station, away from any compromising areas and the container will do its job perfectly. We promise, storing your lash glue has never been easier. Rest assured, this perfect little airtight container will save not only your lash glue, but it will save you money in the long run.