Practise Makes Perfect

There is a lot of advice out there on how to begin as a Lash Artist, so we wanted to write a dedicated blog post specifically focusing on some of the best lash tips on how to practise your techniques. It can be a challenge mastering specific techniques such as isolating eyelashes, fanning volume lash extensions and of course, perfect lash placement. Understanding the process and having patience with meticulous work is an important part of being a beginner, especially when such details of lashing can seem overwhelming and frustrating. So what can you do to step your lash game up and improve your newfound skills?

Start from the Beginning

Applying eyelash extensions is not a quick skill to learn. There are some Lash Technicians who pick up certain skills faster than others, but you should never judge your own progress based on how others are doing. This is why the lash world has introduced specific courses and tools to help those who seek that extra help when necessary. 

Always begin by taking a Classic Lash Extensions Course where you will learn the fundamentals of lashing, from perfect isolation and placement, understanding the importance of each client’s eye shape, lash curl pattern and what would be the most suitable lash style for them. For this topic, make sure you read our dedicated blog post. You’ll also learn about one of the most important aspects of a beginner’s career – Lash Glue. Our Ebook, specially written to educate Lash Techs on glue, is a comprehensive deep dive into all aspects of learning about the qualities of the adhesive you’ll be working with and how to use it. We highly recommend that beginners pick up a copy and dive into educating themselves for their career development and benefit, as this is something that will help you through your entire career.

London Lash Founder Hanna Training Lash Technician Students


Of course, once you have completed a Classic Lashes course, the next step is to practise and perfect your skills. Picking the right tools can seem daunting at first, especially as there are so many options available. At London Lash we have curated Lash Extension Kits for your benefit, and we’ve even created them in different sizes to suit each Lash Tech and their specific needs. The London Lash Mini, Medium or Pro Classic Lashes Kits are perfect for beginners who don’t want to splash out on individual items, or who aren’t exactly sure where to begin when it comes to getting the best lash supplies for beginners. Our ethos is to be a source of education and support for Lash Technicians at every stage of their career in the lash world, and with our kits you’re getting a wealth of tools, best selling products, and accessories at a fraction of the full price if purchased separately. 

Curating Your Own Practise Kit

For those who are not sure if they should invest in a full kit just yet, curating your own materials is a great idea. Of course, the most basic lash kit should include two pairs of Tweezers, one for Isolation and one for placement such as Multifunctional Tweezers. Chelsea and Mayfair Lash Samples along with Satin Bond lash glue are ideal for practise. For those not yet ready to move on to real life models, Practise Lashes or a Mannequin Head are great investments to develop your skills. Don’t be afraid to get some inspiration from reading our blog on Creating Your Lash Kit and decide what’s best for you and your journey.

Lash Extensions Kit for Lash Artists

Develop Your Skills

It’s always important to further your education with lash extensions. We have always been impressed with Lash Artists who seek to develop their skills and knowledge long after they’ve gained the certificates they need to be able to offer treatments to clients, and who ask us those all important questions. There are many reasons as to why you should continue your education. If you’re looking for some reasons to look into further education, take a look at this blog post next. 

For those seeking to develop their skills and optimise their client base by offering more than just Classic Lashes, delving into the world of Volume can be scary, but we have created the perfect Online Course which you can take on the go and learn as you work. This course is perfect for those working Lash Artists who like to take their time and develop at their own pace. Of course, we have Volume Lash Kits ideal for beginners dipping their toes into this new skill, but it’s always great to begin with education before offering any new treatment to a client, and may even be a requirement in your country or even your specific city. 

One of our top tips is to really master the skills behind Classic Lashes before jumping into more complex skills. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to take on new challenges and learn all of the skills to take you from Lash Baby to Lash Baddie!

Learn Lash Extensions with London Lash EU

Whether you’re interested in Lash Extensions as a hobby-turned-side-hustle, or you’re planning on making this your career, practice makes perfect! Understanding which tools to pick up first is your number one step into the world of lashes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek out the answers as we’re always here to help you develop your new passion into a potential career. Message us on Instagram @London_Lash_EU or simply click the Chat option to speak to us, and we will guide you on the next best step to a world of lash opportunity.