Rest & Relax: Taking Time Off Work As A Lash Tech

Being a Lash Tech, it can be a difficult juggling act between serving your clients and taking care of yourself by re-energising when you need to. After all, not many people talk about the toll the job of a Lash Artist can take, just like any other career. Being in a predominantly self-employed business, whether you’re a mobile Lash Tech, renting a bed in a beauty salon, or you’re an owner of your own lash studio, taking time off to recuperate and energise yourself can be a difficult choice to make. Time away from work can feel like you’re abandoning your clients and everything you’ve worked towards building up, but it’s one of the most rewarding and important parts of being your own boss, and it’s a really important part of having a successful business – businesses can’t run smoothly if you’re running yourself into the ground.

Vacationing Around Europe

Taking Time Off - Prepare Your Clients

When deciding to take some time off—which everyone deserves to do—don’t feel guilty for doing so. In fact, what you can do is to prepare yourself and your clients beforehand so that everything runs smoothly and you can return to your busy schedule as you left it. Of course, many self-employed Lash Artists worry; “Will my clients come back after I return?” well, this is where prep comes in handy. 

Pre-book your clients for their regular appointments right after your return. Depending on how long you decide to vacation for, your clients will have to wait for their follow-up treatment too. Make sure you fill out your returning week with client infill sessions and, if they want something new and different, full treatment slots. The sooner you make your clients aware of your upcoming vacation, the better. This gives them an incentive to pre-book a slot for when you return as you’re bound to get busy and potentially won’t be able to fit them in for an infill if they decide to book last minute.

Offload Clients If Necessary

If you work in a beauty salon with colleagues, whether that is renting a bed or you are the owner with staff, feel free to ask your colleagues for help. If a client is in desperate need of an infill or an upcoming event for which they want lashes, ask a colleague to take on your client’s treatment while you’re away. Not only are you helping your colleague by giving them a boost of income, but you’re showing your loyal client that you care for their needs and have trust in your colleagues to give them exceptional service. This way, your client does not have to wait and will appreciate you going out of your way to accommodate their treatment.

Lash Artist Colleagues in Beauty Salon

There may be times when you simply have to cut off any further bookings. Once you return, many of your clients may wish to re-book. If you’re inundated with requests for infills and full lash extensions treatments but you’re simply booked up, don’t be afraid to ask for more help, or prioritise regular clients over requests from new clients. After all, as a popular Lash Tech you only have two hands with which you can perform stunning lash extension services. Again, offloading some clients to your colleagues can show care, accommodation and reliability to make sure they get their desired treatments as you settle back into your routine.

- If clients choose not to return -  It may feel discouraging to hear that some of your clients may not choose to return after your vacation, but that’s okay. Some clients may wish to rest their lashes for a while or they may have found another Lash Artist who is closer to them or was simply available while you were away. Any reason for their decision is acceptable. As a professional, your job is to market yourself and continuously build new client relationships, so resume what you’ve always done before. Promote your services on social media, offer special discounts and witness a flurry of new clients come your way. You may also find that they’ll return to you after some time anyway, as you’re the best in the business! Check out our blog post on How to Attract New Lash Extension Clients and after that, make sure to read our follow up post How to Turn New Clients into Loyal Regulars.

Emergency Time Off - Policies

If for any reason you may need some time off due to an emergency then set up some policies for those clients who have left a deposit for their lash appointments. This could be either refunding their deposit in a timely manner, rescheduling their appointment as soon as possible, or perhaps, again, off-loading some clients to colleagues if you work with any available – there’s nothing wrong with offering those clients a choice between those three options, as this will make them feel more like you value their time and overall experience with you. Emergencies are rare, but as they do occur in life, it’s best to have a set idea of how you can deal with them if they do happen.

Stock Up

Before you even go on vacation, remember to check your stock. Do you have enough supplies to last you through your pre-booked clients when you return? Is your Lash Glue still fresh? Is your Pretreatment set still in date, or do you need to restock? These are some vital questions you must answer before reopening your doors. With Express Shipping, you can order your London Lash restock for quick 1-3 days delivery dispatch and rest assured you will have everything you need to lash away in no time.

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Hard Work Pays Off

Remember, hard work always pays off and you’ve earned a vacation. Don’t fear taking time off to recuperate and re-energise when you need it. After all, what’s life without reaping the benefits of all the work you’ve done? Making sure you take care of yourself and your mental health is a huge benefit for your longevity in the beauty industry, so put some steps in place for your eventual vacation and pick up where you left off once you return. Now go out there and enjoy your well earned rest!