How To Gain New Lash Clients

You may be wondering how this information is relevant during one of the busiest times of the year for a Lash Technician, but while the winter period can be full of clients seeking the best eyelash extensions for their festive parties keeping your schedule full, and your phone ringing,  the lull after the festivities sees many Lash Artists experiencing a slump in bookings. This is normal, but what can you do to offer a welcoming experience which will attract new customers in those quieter periods? Let’s discuss some of the ideas you can implement to gain a brand new clientele.

Offer Special Treatments

Having a unique selling point is one of the best ways to stand out from your competitors. While the festive period is one where you may be performing lash sets which are all too common, it’s never a bad idea to expand your treatment list and attract new clients. Having exclusive and different lash styles on offer is undeniably a way to stand out from the crowd. At London Lash we prioritise education for our customers and we’re always on the lookout for new trends, styles and innovations which we can educate Lash Techs on to improve their skills and offer new and exciting treatments to their clients.

Having a variety of new lash styles and trends on offer, exclusive for the festive season or after, will definitely attract customers who are looking for experienced Lash Artists to perform something new and different to what is on the market. Always keep a lookout on our Social Media or Blog Post section for our trending style recommendations to get in depth guides and ideas on what you can offer. Being on top of trends and having a unique point of view as a Lash Artist will set you apart from other Lash Technicians and offer your clients an experience that is not only intriguing, but worth the luxury of lash extensions post festivities.

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Offer Special Discounts

A great way to attract customers is to offer amazing deals on their full lash treatment. Whether that is a first time customer discount or a regular returning customer loyalty scheme, having seasonal special offers will give your salon the boost it deserves. Additionally, if you are seeing a consistent return of your regular clients without an increase in new customers, you can offer a special discount for referrals – every time a regular client refers a friend they can receive a discount for a future treatment, along with a first time client discount for their friend. Having special offers and referral schemes available shows initiative and client care, and is a great way to spread the word between clients.

Let’s discuss reviews. With the amount of clients you may be lashing during the holidays, offering them a small discount for every review they leave on your business can be beneficial for your online presence – the more interaction on your salon on Google, for example, the more discoverable you will be for potential clients who are searching for the type of lashes that you offer.

Social Media

Speaking of online presence, use any quiet periods that you’re in the salon to spruce up your social media or business website. Growing your online presence is a very important part of being a Lash Technician. Having the best lash extensions skills doesn’t guarantee consistent bookings if you don’t spend some time on promoting yourself. We have dedicated a full blog post on How To Grow Your Lash Business on Instagram, which dives deeper into the topic of why your online presence is very important. If you’re a first time poster considering growing your social media accounts only recently, it’s worth remembering that a professional set up goes a long way. From professional beauty lighting such as Glamcor which your salon most likely already uses, to a Clip On Phone Lens or a portable LED Light, the small details matter. Creating content for social media will attract many new customers and show off your stunning lash sets to thousands of new people who will discover you for the first time, read more about professional media equipment here.

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If you have never considered opening a business website, and your salon has grown exponentially, perhaps now is the time to consider it. Read through our post on opening a business website here and take a look at why we think it’s a great idea to promote your business to new clients on a dedicated website alongside your social media profiles.

Keep Educating Yourself

Whether you’re a beginner Lash Tech, or even if you’ve been doing this for a while now, lash extensions is a skill that can be levelled up infinitely, which we think is what makes the career of a Lash Artist exciting. With an industry ever evolving, be it through tools and products, trends and treatments, or styles and techniques, the lash world is a sector of the beauty industry which changes as quickly as the seasons come and go. Keeping on top of current trends and lash styles will make you stand out from those who decided that their education didn’t need to go further than passing their initial lash extensions course. 

Needless to say at London Lash we have spent a long time developing new products for the benefit of every Lash Artist, for example products such as Premade Lash Spikes, Premade Fans or Easy Fanning Lashes to make the experience of lashing easier, faster and better. With the knowledge and products to push you to the next level, you can stand out and attract that brand new clientele looking for Lash Technicians who are knowledgeable in what’s new, current and trending, as well as being passionate about their craft. Take a look at our blog post on why you should keep educating yourself as a Lash Artist. 

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Whether you’re a new Lash Tech or a seasoned Lash Pro, it’s never too early or too late to consider why attracting new customers is important for the future of your business. Implementing some of our ideas will give your lash salon the boost it deserves during the slower months of the year and – in some of the free time you may find yourself with – develop your skills, keep educating yourself, and promote yourself on social media to attract a whole new set of clients in no time.