Answering Your Questions on Lash Extensions and Superbonder

Summer lash shed does exist, just ask the unhappy clients who return to their Lash Tech a week or two after their lash treatment with a handful of extensions left on their eyes! The cause of shedding lashes, especially in the summer months, can be due to many factors. Of course, client aftercare is one, but if you keep seeing shedding from multiple clients, Lash Technicians should always look closer to home and try to figure out what they may be doing to cause this. 

What Is Summer Lash Shedding?

Before we begin, let’s discuss exactly what a summer lash shed is. As temperatures rise during the summertime, our body temperature rises too and this stimulates hair growth. In turn, as our eyelash growth cycle is just a few weeks long, the cycle is sped up, hence more shedding. This is completely normal, we usually lose 5-6 natural lashes per day.

Okay, with the biological part out of the way you may be wondering:“But why are my clients coming back with almost no lash extensions a week after the treatment?”  This may be difficult to pinpoint. While normal lash shedding may be a contributing factor, there are other factors to consider too. It is important to advise your client to cleanse their lashes using Lash Shampoo daily for their aftercare routine, but you must also use the ideal products to mediate any potential lash loss during the lash treatment.

How to Help Avoid Lash Shedding

It’s summertime, the Sun is out, clients are enjoying the weather – what could go wrong? Well, unfortunately many things. As temperatures rise our bodies produce more sweat and oils, this means certain doom for lash glue if our clients aren’t taking proper care of them. Eyelash glue is no friend to moisture immediately after treatment, and it certainly hates any oils which, contrary to popular belief, don’t actually break down the glue, but can come between the natural lash and the glue bond, causing extensions to slide right off.

To avoid the issue of moisture, you should always finish your summer lashes by using Superbonder on the lash line of the extensions. Superbonder Sealant is the perfect solution for any moisture coming into contact with the glue prematurely, causing shock polymerisation. But there’s more to it than just that. Superbonder adds elasticity to the adhesive. The additional flexibility ensures the bonds don't break as easily, therefore resulting in better retention. Superbonder is also beneficial to the client, as it locks in fumes from the lash adhesive and with the fumes contained, irritation and sensitivity are significantly reduced! Finally, because the bonds have been sealed, the lashes are instantly safe to get wet. Your clients will no longer have to worry about the swimming pool, a dip in the ocean or going to the gym this summertime. London Lash Superbonder Sealant for Lash Extension Retention

How To Apply Superbonder

Once you have completed the full eyelash extension treatment, checked for stickies and separate any (you’d want to do this before curing the glue and the stickies together) squeeze a small drop of Superbonder lash sealant onto a Microfibre Brush – make sure you do not use excessive product which could leak into the client’s eyes. Carefully apply at the bottom 2-3mm of the eyelash set, focusing on the adhesive area, then leave for 1-2 minutes. Once the product is dry, give the lashes one final brush through to fluff them up, then remove the eyepatches and the treatment is complete!

London Lash Superbonder Sealant Application for Lash Extensions

Using Superbonder is absolutely ideal as a solution when it comes to curing the lash glue and allowing the client to use water around their eyes (almost instantly). But it should not be confused for a miracle fix. You must still follow your steps for perfect retention during your lash treatments. Following the excellent 5-Step Pretreatment routine will prepare and cleanse the client’s lashes, ready for the lash extensions and glue. Monitoring your workstation’s temperature and humidity is also important to make sure your lash glue is performing at its optimum conditions for retention. A Digital Hygrometer goes a long way to make sure your workstation is in the prime condition. 


- Remember, regular infills are important to maximise the lifespan of the lash set. Simply explain to your client that more frequent infill sessions may be needed during the summertime as lash shedding is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. If you follow all your steps you can be sure your client’s natural lashes are healthy and your work is pristine.