How to Remove Hair For Henna Brows

When performing a brow henna treatment, to get the best possible results, you’ll want to do some form of hair removal to shape the client’s eyebrows. Removing brow hair in the right places can get precise, sharp results, taking your brow transformations to the next level. Different hair removal methods will be suitable for different clients and different circumstances, so it's crucial to master various hair removal techniques to ensure your clients leave with perfectly shaped brows. In this blog, we will discuss the three primary hair removal methods you can use during a henna brows treatment: threading, waxing, and plucking.


Threading is an ancient hair removal technique originating from South Asia and the Middle East. Using a twisted loop of thin cotton thread, you can remove multiple hairs at once, creating clean and precise lines for the eyebrows. 

Our So Henna Brow Thread allows you to target individual hairs with precision, creating a well-defined brow that complements a So Henna henna brow treatment. Compared to waxing or tweezing, threading is gentle on the skin, making it suitable for clients with sensitive skin or those prone to irritation. Threading is also a great option for clients with fine hair as it can effectively remove very fine or short hairs, ensuring no hair is left behind. Another much-loved benefit of the brow threading technique is its longevity. Since threading removes hair at the follicle level, it promotes longer-lasting results, which is particularly beneficial when paired with henna brows as it’s recommended to allow 3 weeks in between each appointment.

So Henna henna brows results

So, how do you actually use thread? Hold the thread with both hands and create a loop by twisting it several times in the center. Insert your index and middle fingers of each hand into the loops, creating a "U" shape. Then just position the loop over the unwanted hair, and whilst holding the thread taut, open and close your fingers to create a scissoring motion that catches and plucks the hair at the root. We promise, it sounds more complicated than it is! It takes a little bit of getting used to but once you’ve got the hang of it, it becomes second nature.


Waxing is the most popular method of hair removal during any brow treatment as it is extremely efficient. Waxing swiftly removes multiple hairs in one swoop which can help keep your treatment time to a minimum meaning your clients can get back to what they need to do and you can see more customers in one day! Waxing produces the smoothest results out of all of the hair removal methods and leaves the skin feeling silky. It’s important to remember that not all brow wax is made equal! With something being applied directly to the skin, it’s crucial to invest in high-quality products. The So Henna Gentle Brow Wax is a customer favourite as it achieves thorough results without causing irritation. Pair your So Henna Brow Wax with the So Henna Wax Heater for perfectly heat-regulated brow wax every single time, making sure your wax is always gentle and comfortable on the client’s skin.

So Henna brow wax for henna brows treatment

Just like with threading, waxing removes the hair from the root which results in flawless brows for longer. It’s also a great option for larger areas or for clients who need a lot of hair removal. You will find that in some cases you will need to remove significant amounts of hair from both above and below the brow, so waxing is the best choice for this as it’s efficient and effective. Imagine having to remove all that hair with a pair of tweezers! It would be very time-consuming as well as very uncomfortable for your client! Simply apply the wax with a wooden stick in the direction of the hair growth, and allow it to cool before swiftly removing the wax in a downward motion, and that’s it!


Plucking can be an essential step in the henna brow process, even if you have already used another hair removal method. Plucking allows for meticulous brow shaping, helping you to achieve the absolute precision you’re after. You may find that some hairs just aren’t picked up by threading or waxing, and therefore you may need to go in with your brow tweezers to grab those little stray hairs. 

Plucking can target specific areas that may need more refinement to achieve a balanced appearance. If your client needs some extra arch definition, we always recommend using the So Henna eyebrow tweezers which come with a precision comb allowing you to have much more control over the amount of hair you remove. There’s nothing worse than waxing someone’s brow arch and taking off too much - it alters the entire facial structure!

So Henna brow tweezers for henna brows treatment

As a skilled Brow Technician, mastering various hair removal techniques when performing henna brows is essential for creating personalised results - every client is different and will have different needs. Remember to always prioritize your client's comfort and safety as well as their desired results. Make sure to tag us in your So Henna content on Instagram!