It's Time to Shake Things Up

Are you still shaking your lash glue by hand? Are you finding the process tiring, knowing you have to use your hands to do a full lash treatment right after? The process of shaking your eyelash adhesive before use can be messy if not done correctly. Well we're glad you've come to the right place to make your life a little bit easier. Meet our Glue Shaker, for your convenience. 

It Will Save You Time 

Shaking your Lash Glue by hand takes so much longer than using a glue shaker. And the final result is only as much as your wrist can take. To get the best result and smoothest glue, you have to shake the bottle vigorously for around one minute to make sure all the ingredients are combined. Combining the glue's ingredients is important, only then will your glue work correctly and as expected. With a glue shaker you can be assured that it will reduce your shaking time by 45 seconds, and relieve the task from your hands.

During a lash treatment lasting around 2 hours, you may change your glue dot every 20 minutes or so. That's about six times, sometimes more. Each time you're finding yourself shaking the glue before you use it. Well, now you're saving yourself time and effort when you use the Glue Shaker, giving you extra minutes to spend on your important tasks.

Shaking London Lash Glue for Lash Extensions by Hand without Glue Shaker

Perfect Mixing

The London Lash Glue Shaker is just better. And it really helps, your wrists will thank you. Using centrifugal force, the Glue Shaker mixes your glue's ingredients to perfect results. Each time, every time the mix will be thorough and you can be assured that there will be no loss of quality to your glue throughout the lash extension treatment. 

London Lash Glue Shaker mixing Glue for Lash Extensions

Save Your Nozzles

Shaking glue by hand tends to get the glue everywhere. The up and down motion mixes the ingredients but it moves your glue around uncontrollably. This means you may need to spend a few minutes each time cleaning up excess glue which may drip out, or even dry out. Have you found yourself needing a Glue Rescue Kit or Spare Nozzles for Glues? While these rescues are always great to have on hand, the Glue Shaker uses the centrifugal force to spin the glue, moving all the ingredients in one direction to the side of the bottle, thus it keeps the glue out of the nozzle keeping it unblocked.