Everything You Need To Know About Black/Brown Lash Extensions

You may be wondering why you’d need to know so much about Black/Brown Lashes? Are they not simply the same as any regular black eyelash extensions? Well, in theory, yes. But many people also wonder if the colour is the only difference, then why are they necessary? We’re here to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on when you can and should use Black/Brown lash extensions to provide exceptional service for your clients.

Black Brown Eyelash Extensions from London Lash EU

Black/Brown Lashes

Our Black/Brown lash range comes in the same collection as our regular Black Mayfair Lashes. This means that these eyelash extensions are described as ‘faux mink’ lashes. The name is simply to illustrate the finish of the extensions. Being vegan and cruelty free, our range of Mayfair lashes provide a bold and shiny finish compared to the more matte finish of our Chelsea line of extensions. This means that as the light hits these extensions it will provide a shiny emphasis on the colour and boldness of your client’s lashes.

Our range of Black/Brown Lashes features several sizes which are perfect for different lashing techniques. These include 0.03 and 0.05 for Mega Volume, 0.07 and 0.10 for Volume, the latter being interchangeable for Classics along with 0.15. You can also test out the versatility of these eyelashes by selecting a CC Curl Sample box where you can pick the thickness of lashes you desire. For a complete dive into the available thicknesses and curls of this lash collection, check out this blog post that explains everything.

Black Brown Lash Extensions

Lash Looks

The Black/Brown lash range is so versatile that you can achieve almost any look you can imagine, in fact, it’s so versatile that you’ll be able to create lash sets unachievable with black lashes alone. Available in thicknesses for Classic, Volume and Mega Volume techniques, this collection can do it all. In addition to your standard lash styles, don’t be afraid to use some Primer and create Lash Spikes with these extensions too which you can add to your Kim K, Manga, and Wet Look lash sets. These eyelashes will provide a softer finish ideal for clients with naturally brown, auburn or fair lashes but who still want a bold effect with noticeable enhancement to their lash line, though they are versatile enough to suit anyone.

Model Wearing Black Brown Mayfair Eyelash Extensions

If a client has a fair complexion and lighter hair, these eyelash extensions will be exceptionally complementary and will provide a pop with a natural appearance. At times, some clients may feel that purely black extensions are super contrasting and noticeable as extensions next to their light complexion, lighter natural hair, brows and lashes. It can feel distracting and ultimately not satisfactory. The Black/Brown range combats this issue by elongating the eyelashes, provides volume, lift, drama, depending on the desired outcome, but blends in well with the client’s features allowing for a very natural lash look.

Though they are a great fit for clients with lighter complexions, Black/Brown lash extensions are also very complementary for clients with darker skin tones. Imagine a client with beautiful dark tones and blushing red undertones – these clients will suit Black/Brown extensions due to the reddish tones in the lash fibres. Not only will their natural lashes contrast the brown extensions, but it will make them pop, giving the eyes a brighter, more open framing and thus drawing attention to them. In fact, a lighter extension on a darker complexion can have a bold effect of showing the particular lash style the client desires.

Another way of implementing this coloured lash extension is to contrast it to your client’s eye colour. Think about all the times you’ve added Coloured Lashes to your client’s lash set to contrast their eye colour and make their eyes pop just a little more. Black/Brown lashes can have a similar effect, except here, they’re not the accent colour. Black/Brown extensions are an ideal choice when contrasting to any tone of blue eyes. Not only will their eye colour pop more, but their lash look is bound to have a more eye-catching effect due to the contrast in tones. 

Black Brown Lashes on Model Gif

TOP TIP - If you’re lashing an older client who has white hair, Black/Brown lashes are also the perfect choice. As you’re adding a lighter pigment of lashes, you will find that it accentuates the lash look much more as the natural looking outcome is more alluring than a deep and bold black lash extension finish. Furthermore, with clients who have white hair, use Crystal Bond clear eyelash adhesive for an even more seamless finish. Check out our video guide on this topic below.

So there you have it. Some in depth information on Black/Brown Mayfair eyelash extensions which you can add to your lash kit today. Remember, these versatile extensions are perfect for any lash look, style or technique, so don’t limit yourself and play around with all the endless possibilities.