Treat Yourself This Christmas

With the last few weeks of the year fast approaching and your appointment slots fully booked, the fast pace of the lash industry can feel like it’s crushing some of your festive spirit. But it doesn’t have to be just work and no fun – while you’re beautifying your clients for this special time of year, you can think of yourself too. It’s time to be kind to yourself and treat yourself for all the hard work you’ve achieved in the last 12 months. Is there something you’ve always wanted to add to your eyelash extension kit? Have you always wanted to gift yourself a luxurious item to make your day-to-day lashing easier? The end of year sale is the perfect time to perk yourself up and unleash your festive spirit by treating none other than yourself.

Festive Lash Salon

Lash Kit Organisers

Have you always wanted to start the new year with a fresh approach? Organising your lash kit and making your job faster and easier? Well, why not treat yourself to some of our amazing storage units for various items in your kit. Lashing is a very fiddly job – picking up individual eyelash extensions and focusing on tiny natural lashes for hours at a time can mean you’re working in a small, tight area, so you should expand that. Stop picking up extensions from the lash tray and start using a Magnetic Lash Palette Organiser instead. Whether that’s for regular lash strips or a Premade Lash Fans, having the lash lengths you need neatly organised will make your job much faster and easier to go in and pick up the exact lash you need without having to seek it out in a compact lash tray. 

  • Perhaps you’re a mobile Lash Tech, or maybe you don’t have too much space in your lash studio. The perfect alternative? An Attached to Hand Palette which goes around your wrist and all you have to do is simply pick up a lash from your left or right hand allowing you to work faster in smaller areas.

Premade Lash Fans and Magnetic Lash Palette Organiser

Looking for the perfect storage unit for your lash extensions kit? You may have recently purchased a big bulk of products and you’re excited to use them, but once you’ve organised your Pretreatment, Lash Glue, Eyepatches, Lashes and Tweezers, they take up a lot of space. Enter the compact and chic Acrylic Lash Storage Organiser. This sleek organiser is designed to fit the aesthetic of any professional studio and work to your advantage by featuring slots for all of your palettes (which are included with the organiser), tools, treatment products and lashes, all in one place.

Glamcor Beauty Lighting

No Lash Artist’s set up is complete without the advantage of high quality, specialist lighting. By this we mean that performing lash extensions is a skilled art which requires precision and clear vision. Every Lash Tech swears by the benefits of this necessity, and the leading brand for beauty lighting is none other than Glamcor

Do you need a lighting unit which is compact and fits any lash bed? Go for the standard Glamcor Reveal Light. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any small lash studio which doesn’t require too much space. If you’re a Lash Tech who takes their social media game seriously and you love showing off your work, then it makes sense to treat yourself to a Glamcor Capture, Glamcor Multimedia X or the brand new, effortlessly stylish and super sleek Glamcor Horizon depending on your needs. With all the benefits of adjustable lighting, these beauty lamps come with universal phone attachments allowing you to capture stunning clear images or video content to show off your client’s new fluffy eyelashes. To take your content creative even further, pair your Glamcor gift with a Clip On Macro Lens which allows you to get super close up shots, showing off all of those stunning details. 

Festive Glamcor Multimedia X LED Lighting

There’s nothing to fear when it comes to beauty lighting – the investment of such a necessity will prevent eye strain, make your work much easier to see, and will make even the tiniest lashes easier to access. If this is an accessory you’ve always wanted, then you can rest assured that you’re treating yourself to something you’ll never regret – good lighting is a business investment, after all. 

Expand Your Skills

If you’re a Lash Technician focusing on Classic lashes and you’re ready to delve into new and exciting styles, you may have considered getting into Volume lashes. It’s never too late to learn a new technique which will open the door to new opportunities and of course, new clients. Investing in yourself in return invests in your business. Why is it important to continue your lash education? Take a look at our deep dive into this topic in this blog post.

Finding a Lash Trainer who can accredit you with this new technique has never been easier – London Lash has affiliate Lash Trainers all over Europe, who teach to the London Lash standard, using London Lash training materials and the most highly rated London Lash products, and you can find them right here

If you’re someone who likes to take their time and work at their own pace though, you can become a Volume lash pro by studying online with our Online Russian Volume Course, which will go over all of the theory behind creating volume lash extension looks which are not only beautiful but safe for your clients. The beauty of online lash extension courses is that you can fit them in around your already busy schedule, so you don’t have to lose precious salon days in order to boost your business. Don’t just take our word for it – check out the review from one of our satisfied students:

Student Review for Online Russian Volume Lashes Course

If you’re about to venture into volume, you’ll need volume supplies. Why not check out one of our Volume Lash Kit options? This is the perfect way to shop for Volume lashes which might be quite unfamiliar to you – opting for a compact kit which is a fraction of the price if you bought all items individually, it also saves you time, and from becoming overwhelmed at the amount of options that come with volume lashes. After all, London Lash is proud to put education at the forefront of the lash industry so our products are curated for the benefit of affordability and education of future and developing Lash Artists.

- Whether you’re looking to organise your workspace by working smarter and not harder, or you’re excited to brighten up your day to day lashing with a beauty light, or even if you’re ready to move up the ladder of the lash industry - our ideas of how to treat yourself this Christmas will help every Lash Artist on their journey to success. Don’t forget, you’ve worked hard this year! The busiest time of year is a great time to treat yourself to something you deserve. So why not invest in yourself?