Birthday Gifts for Lash Techs

Coming up with birthday gift ideas can be a very daunting task, what do you get someone who has everything? If you have a Lash Technician colleague, or know someone close in your life who works in the lash extension industry, gifting an eyelash extension related birthday surprise can be the difference between a last minute idea and a personalised gift that’s given with thought and care.

Gifting Lash Supplies

There may be a lash colleague who works in the same beauty salon as you, or perhaps your friend or loved one works as a Lash Artist. Regardless of their relationship to you, personalising your gift idea is thoughtful and touching. Knowing what the recipient of your gift needs to add to their lash extensions kit can be tricky, after all, many Lash Techs already have invested in their supplies and know what they like. It’s never a bad idea to add to their kit or replenish stock they may be low on though, and it doesn’t hurt to ask what they like to use or what they might like to try. 

Eyelash Extensions Kit for Lash Artists

If you’re friends with a Lash Artist, take a little look at their most used or favourite supplies, ask them subtle questions on why they love a particular product or which is their favourite. Getting ideas on what to add to your friend’s eyelash extensions kit can mean that you’re adding to their growth or giving them the opportunity to try something new which develops their skills as an artist.

Gift Ideas

Your gift recipient may be in need of bulking out their lash kit. They may be a beginner who needs a top up of supplies or simply wants to add high quality products to their collection. Perhaps they’re someone who’s always wanted to try a particular product or delve into a world of new techniques. Here are some ideas on what you can purchase as a special birthday present.

Glue Accessories- Nothing screams care like Lash Glue accessories which prolong the life of a Lash Artist’s adhesive. The Airtight Container will not only keep glue fresh, but it will prolong the life of the glue which comes with a relatively short expiration date. Keeping glue away from moisture is an important part of having fresh and ready-to-use lash glue. Pair this gift with a Glue Shaker to save a Lash Artist’s wrists from manually shaking up their glue every time they need a fresh drop. The Glue Shaker not only speeds up the process but it does a better job of incorporating all the ingredients to keep the glue at its best, meaning better lash retention.

Beige Airtight Container for Eyelash Glue

Tweezer Accessories- Taking care of lash extension Tweezers is a vital aspect of any Lash Tech’s kit. After all, tweezers are the second pair of hands a Lash Artist needs to perform such meticulous and detailed work. With tarnished or damaged tweezers, this is next to impossible, and doesn’t look too professional to clients either. A Magnetic Tweezer Case or a Tweezer Holder is one of the best gifts to give a Lash Technician. Not only will these storage cases keep tweezers safe and clean, but it will also help to organise their workstation, allowing for easy access to their tools, and faster treatments as a result. Pair this gift with a Glue Remover for Tweezers to clean tweezers and remove any lash glue cured on the tips keeping them shiny and new, and easy to work with.

Tweezer Holder for Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Lash Palettes- A Lash Palette is to a Lash Artist what an oil palette is to a painter. This eyelash accessory helps keep lashes organised and accessible during a treatment. Instead of rummaging through a compact box of extensions, a Lash Tech simply has to select the lashes they want to use for a treatment, line them up on the palette and then lash away. Of course, different palettes exist for a reason – Palettes for Premade Lashes are larger and fit the entire strip of Premade Volume Fans on them, while a smaller palette such as an Acrylic Lash Palette is compact and perfect for Classic Lashes procedures. For artists specialising in Volume Lashes a Reversible Lash Palette is perfect, on the one side they can line up their lash strips, while on the other they can attach a piece of 3M Double Sided Tape to help with practising fanning techniques.

Lash Extension Palettes

Kits- It goes without saying that someone who is enthusiastic about taking their career to the next level may want to develop their skills. This is where you can gift a product which they’ve always wanted to try. For the Lash Tech who needs to bulk up their kit and try a bunch of new products, we have curated Lash Kits for artists of all levels. At a fraction of the price of individual items, these kits are ideal for the Lash Tech who desire a boost in their career, or development in their skill level.

Lash Extensions Kit Box


Of course, if you’re creating a mini kit or assortment of items for your gift recipient, don’t forget to accompany your purchases with a Starter Kit Box or Reusable Paper Bag for an added touch of care and personalisation. Our eco-friendly packaging will keep your gifts safe and tidy for an exciting birthday unboxing.

Being able to give a personalised gift to someone special shows a lot of care and attention. It’s never a bad idea to think out of the lash box when it comes to eyelash extension related gifts. Sometimes, many Lash Techs will be in need of an item you’ve never considered, and this is where we come in to provide and fill the need for Lash Artists in search of the best quality products.