Three Lash Hacks With Items You Can Find in Your Lash Extensions Kit

Sometimes Lash Artists stock up on items and tools and then wonder,“Did I really need that?” and the answer would be yes. You can find a good use for all lash extension products, no matter what their intended purpose was. Lash hacks are a staple among the eyelash extensions community and sometimes they can be total game changers – not only will some hacks save you time, but they could save you product and money in the long run. Let’s go through three hacks you could try by using items easily found in your lash extension kit.

Micro Fibre Brushes and Protein Removing Pads

This little hack is a product saver through and through. It’s so simple and you’re bound to save a lot of your Protein Removing Pads when you try it, not to mention giving the lash line the deepest cleanse it’s ever had! Taking two of your Micro Fibre Brushes, dab them into the top of a Protein Removing Pad making sure to coat the brushes with the product from the pad well. Once your brushes are full of the cleansing goodness, brush through the lash line. Focusing the product in this area, especially around the roots of the lashes will remove any hard to see dirt, makeup or oils which will help with your lash retention once the natural lashes are fully cleansed and clean. 

Using the micro fibre brushes will allow you to get super close to the lash line than you would using the pad by itself, and let’s face it, you’re saving so much of the product on the rest of the pad for future use. Our protein removing pads are full of Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and an amino acid complex which cleanses the area and promotes healthy natural lashes.

London Lash Hack using Micro Fibre Brushes and Protein Removing Pads for Lash Techs

Cleaning Your Lash Palette in Thirty Seconds

There’s nothing worse than setting up for your next client but all your Lash Palettes are covered in glue residue from your lash strips, or even worse, the sticky strips have lash extensions attached all over them. You try to scrape the sticky strips off but it gets even messier, and soon you’re covered in small lashes and sticky spots. Not only does this look messy but it can be very distracting and annoying if you’re working on your next client and you’re going to pick a fresh lash extension but your hand feels all sticky and covered in lash extensions when you rest it against the palette. 

Every eyelash extension kit has Glue Nozzle Wipes laying around which are a perfect and versatile product for a quick and easy clean up. Gently soak a wipe in some acetone and dab it on the sticky strip making sure all the acetone covers the area to break down the glue residue. After a few seconds simply wipe away and repeat where necessary, and there you have it, quick and easy clean up in less than a minute.

London Lash Hack using Glue Nozzle Wipes to clean Lash Palette for Lash Techs

Remove Cured Glue from Eyelash Tweezers

Now we know what you may be thinking,“I have Glue Remover for Tweezers, why would I need to know a hack?”  Well, you may be in a rare situation where you’ve ran out of Glue Remover for Tweezers, you’ve forgotten to place an order and it has escaped your mind. You pick up your favourite pair of lash tweezers only to notice lash glue residue all over them, and worst of all, it has cured.

A quick way to fix this is to grab your Lash Gel Remover, designed to remove lash extensions and eyelash adhesive, this product will break down any glue residue in no time. Simply place your tweezers on top of a Glue Nozzle Wipe and squeeze some gel remover on the area covered with eyelash glue. For good measure, add a little more and fold the pad over the tweezers to allow the remover to work its magic and break down all those glue bonds. Wait a few minutes, and you’re done. Your tweezers will be good as new.

London Lash Hack using Gel Glue Remover for Lash Glue on Tweezers

Don’t forget, all of our tips and tricks have been found, performed and shared by Lash Techs like yourself, so if you have any suggestions for hacks let us know on instagram - @london_lash_eu and who knows, you may see a future post using your tips and tricks!