Lash Kit Essentials: Lash Extensions & Accessories

We’re always mentioning our best-sellers, or talking about how a certain product is a ‘lash kit staple’, but what is it about these products that makes them essential? To help you get to know a little bit more about the products that consistently fly off of our shelves into the hands of Lash Techs all over the world, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourites to give you some insight into the different types of eyelash extensions we supply as well as a crash course in which lash kit staples you’re going to want to add to your kit sooner.

Classic Lashes: Chelsea 0.15

Truth be told, using our Mayfair range for your classic lash sets is just as good as using Chelsea, but there’s a really good reason that we always drift towards Chelsea for those individual eyelash extensions sets, and that is their semi-matte finish. Generally speaking, when someone is asking you for a classic set of lash extensions, it’s because they would like something a little bit more subtle, or more natural. 

Chelsea Lashes (formerly known as Chelsea Silk Lashes) have a more matte finish, which means they lend themselves well to creating more natural lash sets, and while we have a range of thicknesses available for classic eyelash extensions, 0.15 lashes tend to be the most popular among Lash Techs as they are not too heavy for the vast majority of clients (those who have extremely fine natural lashes may still find 0.15 to be too much. For them, opt for Ellipse Flat Lashes which look the same width as 0.15 but only weigh around half as much). 

A 0.15 Chelsea lash will give you a nice full looking set, slightly more than a mascara effect but not so dramatic as to be immediately noticeable as lash extensions. To suit the majority of clients, opt for a C or CC curl in a mixed length tray. Once you know which lengths you use the most often, we have a big range of single length lash trays for you to choose from.

London Lash Classic Chelsea Lashes for Lash Extensions

Volume Lashes: Mayfair 0.07

Since we launched our Mayfair Lashes in 2018 – Chelsea’s bolder, shinier counterpart – they have been a favourite of Lash Techs all over the world, with 0.07 being a best seller from the beginning. 

0.07 volume lashes are the best choice for 2D up to 5D lash fans, which is why they are a staple in the kits of any Lash Tech offering volume lash treatments. It just so happens that 0.07 and 0.15 lashes are soulmates when it comes to hybrid lash sets as well.

We have a huge selection of curls in our Mayfair range, including the highly coveted M curl lashes, which make Fox Style lashes even more seductive! For the vast majority of clients though, we’d recommend C and CC curls in mixed lengths until you find out which lengths you use up the fastest, we have an even wider range of lengths available in our Mayfair line, so you can really work with your clients and their needs.

London Lash Mayfair Volume Lashes for Lash Extensions

If you love our Mayfair lashes but don't have time to make every fan by hand, you'll be pleased to know that our Premade Volume Fans are made from the same fibre as Mayfair! 

Tweezers: Multifunctional

When it comes to Tweezer choice, perhaps more than any other product, will be down to what you specifically want or need from your tweezers – which angle is most comfortable for your wrist, what kind of a tip you prefer, and so many other factors. 

With that being said, we believe that Multifunctional Tweezers for eyelash extensions are an absolutely essential part of any lash kit and tweezer collection. If you need to isolate lashes, pick up classics, separate stickies, create quick 2D volume fans, pick up easy fanning lashes and/or premade fans, these tweezers have got your back! At the very least, grab a pair so that you have a back up in the event that you drop or break one of your other pairs of tweezers. This lash kit essential is so versatile, you'll be left wondering why you didn't have a pair sooner?

London Lash Multifunctional Tweezers for Lash Extensions

If you need even more grip, we have Multifunctional Tweezers available in our brand new Fiber Tip tweezers collection!

Glue Shaker

This item feels like something that would be considered an optional extra, however a Glue Shaker is an extra that almost instantly becomes an essential. We all know how fussy glue for lash extensions can be, and part of the reason for that is that it has to be perfectly mixed in order to work the way we expect it to. If you’ve ever under-shaken your glue, you may have noticed that it comes out looking grey rather than black. This is a clear sign that your glue hasn’t been mixed correctly. 

The trouble with shaking glue by hand is that it's really time consuming, and it can even lead to your lid getting stuck on the nozzle, as the glue is forced into the nozzle as we shake, and leaks out into the lid or, worse, onto our clothes.

A glue shaker uses centrifugal force to mix the glue (it mixes it by forcing the glue outwards from the centre so that it reforms in the middle all mixed together) which not only mixes all of the ingredients flawlessly, but also keep the glue out of the nozzle.

London Lash Glue Shaker for Lash Glue AdhesivesIf you’re in the mood to try out all of our best-sellers and lash kit must-haves, but you don’t have too much time to shop (we get it, clients come first) we’d suggest checking out our Lash Kits, which have a little bit of everything to get you started!