How Much To Charge For A Set With Premade Fans

One of the questions we hear very often is what price to charge for a set of eyelash extensions created using Premade Fans. It is not easy to give an exact answer, as of course the pricing of the treatment will differ depending on the region, competition, your experience and how much you invested in your tools and products. We understand why it might be confusing when you need to decide on the pricing of your treatments, especially when you use products like Premade Fans as they might work out a bit more expensive per fan, but will save you and your client a lot of time. So how do you price them? 

Premade Fans Lash Extensions Set

The first thing to work out is how much each individual fan costs - but don't worry, we’ve done this for you to save you some time.

Take the cost of a box of fans, and divide the price by the number of fans in the box. Then, we are going to multiply this by 200 (the average number of lashes our clients have). That gives us the cost per treatment for premade fans:

3D (1,000 Fans) = €0.028 per fan = €5.60 per treatment

4D = €0.048 per fan = €9.60 per treatment

5D = €0.050 per fan = €10.00 per treatment

6D = €0.057 per fan = €11.40 per treatment 

Of course, this will be added to the cost of your other products which you will be using during the lash extensions treatment. For example, if you use Nano-Hydrogel Eyepatches, Lady Bond lash glue, and the full Pretreatment Routine (purchased individually) your costs would be in the region of €5.10 (including Micro Fibre Brushes and a Mascara wand), meaning that a 4D volume set with premade lash fans would cost a total of €14.60 of your investment. 

When deciding on the price of your eyelash sets, you would take into account the cost of the products that you used and invested in, but you need to also consider:

  • Your Bills: Note down all your monthly expenses and then divide that by week/day - how many clients do you need to have to be able to cover those expenses and take a salary and / or pay employees? 
  • Your Time: If you have taken a lot of courses and / or won awards, increase your prices! Display your certificates and awards in your salon and on your social media so clients know they’re coming to someone who is experienced and is excelling in the lash industry.
  • Your Product Costs: You need to be able to cover what you use - if you start using more products (for example, your Pretreatment routine has increased from using only a lash shampoo to our full 5-Step Routine) and / or if your product quality improves (if you swap from one brand to another on Lash Extensions etc.) then it’s in your best interest to increase prices, return on your investment so you can keep repurchasing quality products.
  • Your Region: It is an open question as to whether your region should affect your pricing, but we can say that generally, treatments cost more in larger cities and central areas than they do in smaller towns or outside of a city. There’s nothing wrong with checking what local salons are charging and using that as a starting point.
Premade Volume Fans in 4D by London Lash

Once you’ve covered the basics, consider as well that you could charge more for a lash set using premade fans, because it doesn’t take as long and can save your clients a lot of time. Think of it as 'Express Delivery' or a 'Priority Service' people spend a little bit more so that they can save more time.