The Two In One Eyelash Glue for Experienced Lash Techs

Many Lash Techs are always in search of the best lash glue around and we always believe that not one glue is the perfect lash adhesive for every person. We don’t believe that there is one glue out there better than the other and our London Lash Glues are all formulated for different purposes and Lash Artists with varying lashing experience. We want all of our customers to be comfortable and confident with their lash glue, this is why we have varying drying times for our glues, (slower or faster drying), and we have formulated our adhesives to be able to work in different environments of temperature and humidity. Therefore, whichever glue you pick will be the best eyelash glue for you and we’re confident that your choice will suit you.

You may find yourself needing to switch out for a slower drying glue in the Summer due to rising humidity and in turn a slower drying glue will be ‘sped up’ in a more humid environment and this may be beneficial for you, read more about this topic here. So using different glues as an experienced Lash Tech won’t be anything new to you. Studying our Glue Chart you can see which glue is perfect for your skill level, salon environment or the benefits of using different glues in different situations. But, this may cost you money in the long run.

London Lash Glue Collection for Lash Extensions

Why Would I Need to Switch Glues?

We have discussed in length the effects of humidity on eyelash glues. The higher the humidity the faster your lash glue will dry due to the moisture in the air. After all, moisture helps glue to cure. If your glue has a fast drying time of 0.5 - 1 second, then in higher humidity it may dry quicker, meaning that even before you have placed your lash extension on the client’s natural eyelash, the glue has begun to dry and this will lead to poor retention. In this case, you may need a glue with a slower drying time such as Satin Bond or Lady Bond which have a drying time of 1 - 2 seconds respectively, these lash glues may speed up in high humidity, but it will give you enough time to place the lash extension without any issues. In this scenario you will need multiple glues and therefore invest your money. Furthermore, lash glue has an expiration date and you need to make sure that the glue is within that window to work perfectly and promote a good bond and in return long lash retention.

But I Don’t Want to Buy Multiple Glues

This is absolutely fine. You can work with your favourite glue, and we also understand that you may be at an experience level as a Lash Artist where you need to work with a slower drying glue as you are still developing your skills and lashing speed. In this case,  you can monitor your room conditions with a Digital Hygrometer and always store your glue in an Airtight Container for optimum results. If the temperature and humidity of your environment varies and you notice your glue performing poorly then you need to adjust your humidity / temperature accordingly to fit the perfect conditions of your lash glue.

London Lash Digital Hygrometer

Are There Any Alternatives?

Yes, but this is a huge Top Tip for experienced Lash Techs. While we don’t want to single out any Lash Artist and most importantly, discourage beginners, this tip is for Techs who have the level of experience and speed to use the 0.5 - 1 second fast drying lash adhesive Royal Bond. This eyelash glue is great if you are very quick at lashing, and we hope it encourages our beginner friends to keep going and improve their skills. With Royal Bond lash glue you are technically getting two glues in one. How? Well, you will notice that Royal Bond has conditions which are perfect for huge environmental changes. For example, it will work perfectly in temperature ranges between18-22°C (64.4°F-71.6°F) and most importantly in humidity conditions of 30-80%. This means that even if your room gets warmer and you need the air conditioning to cool it down, which in turn may affect the humidity, Royal Bond will still work in the optimum conditions as it has such a huge humidity range. Most lash glues out there have a small range of humidity, but our innovative Royal Bond lash glue makes sure that you don’t need a second or third glue should your conditions change drastically.

Of course, this is an advanced glue and should be used by experienced, professional Lash Technicians. While we would love everyone to try a Sample of Royal Bond, it is a glue which requires a steady and quick hand for the perfect lash placement. But, in the long run, Royal Bond can be one of your favourite lash adhesives, and save you money too. Having a wider range of optimum conditions to work in will negate you from buying multiple glues. We hope some of these facts about our amazing fast drying Royal Bond eyelash glue will inspire you to improve your lashing speed if you’re still a beginner and maybe one day, you too can use this incredible lash glue.

London Lash Customer Review of Royal Bond Lash Glue