So Henna Brows for Spring

With the season of Spring comes rejuvenation, and what better way for your clients to express themselves than with a new look? Perfectly shaped and full brows are an exceptional way to draw attention to the face and create a stunning framing of the eyes. So Henna is the ideal solution for Brow Techs and their clients looking for a low maintenance alternative to eyebrow treatments. No more over-plucking, waxing or microblading – with henna brows, your clients will be left with a long lasting look, ideal for their spring revival.

Creating Hair Strokes Using So Henna MixSo Henna Brows

Henna for brows is a naturally derived product where the henna stains the brow hairs and skin underneath to provide a long lasting solution for any client looking for a little boost in their appearance. This low maintenance treatment is non-invasive and allows for a quick touch-up when necessary. Without harming the brow hairs or skin, So Henna allows you to provide a safe treatment with quick results which give your clients the option for stunning brows in this fast-paced change of season.

While So Henna is vegan friendly, cruelty free and comes from the natural henna plant, it still contains natural traces of PPD which can cause a reaction in those with an allergy. Make sure to consult with your clients and perform a patch test before performing a treatment. To read more about patch testing, check out this blog post.

Bespoke Brows

So Henna is very customisable – whether your client wants a bold brow, a more natural ombré brow or even fine brush strokes, henna brows are a great choice for them. You can also customise the specific shade for each client by mixing together any of the So Henna Powders. With a wide range of eyebrow pigment options available, So Henna powders are great for mixing together to create the most bespoke shade for each individual client, meaning your clients can rest assured to get the most natural looking final result.

  • In addition to mixing new colours, you can add a small amount of Sweetener for clients with warmer undertones, or Espresso for those who need cooler colouring.

So Henna Powder in 3g PotNatural Look

Spring is all about the natural look, it’s a rejuvenating and refreshing start of the year. What better way to approach eyebrow beauty than by offering stunning and customisable natural brows using natural products? Begin with consulting your client on their desired brow shape, shade and pigmentation. For some, a bold and pigmented brow may be ideal, while for others a subtle elevation to their current brows may be enough. Understand each client’s needs and customise the treatment accordingly.

For clients looking to give their eyebrows that natural boost, reshape and pigment, the ideal application method is the ‘Hair Strokes’ technique. Take an Angled Brush and create a brow shape mimicking brow hairs by creating upward strokes, following the mapped eyebrow shape. This technique will give off the illusion of natural brow hairs by boosting pigment and giving the eyebrow a perfect sleek shape. 

For clients who want a touch more pigment, mix lighter and darker shades of So Henna powder. Start off by using the lighter shade of mixture at the front end of the eyebrow and subtly blend darker hair strokes towards the tail of the brow.

Creating Henna Strokes Using Angled Brush

The hair strokes technique is a powerful way to create those natural eyebrows fit for the new spring season. Make sure your clients follow your aftercare advice to prolong the longevity of their new eyebrows, and don’t forget to send them on their way with an Aftercare Leaflet. To read up more on So Henna Brow Aftercare, read this blog next. So don’t wait, give your clients the perfect new brows to compliment their post-winter hibernation and rejuvenate their look as the season awakens around them.