The Half Lash Trend

The Half Lash trend, also known as Half Set Lash Extensions, is a great alternative to a full set of Classic lash extensions. As the name may suggest a Half Lash treatment is half of a full set, attaching extensions on every second or third natural lash from the middle to the outer corner of the lashes. This half lash treatment is perfect for beginners or clients on the go who still want a striking look with a classic cat eye lash effect. We’re here to tell you some of the benefits of offering a half set, giving your clients a trendy new treatment leaving them satisfied every time.

London Lash Half Lash Set

What is the difference between Half Lashes VS Full Lashes?

Applying half lashes does not mean the look is ‘half finished’ or half the quality of a full Classic lash extension. Classic lashes are often associated with a more ‘natural look’ giving volume and density to the lash line. The Classic extensions are usually applied on individual lashes from one end of the lash line to the other, depending on the desired look of volume and density. It is a popular treatment by clients wishing to enhance their natural lash features. Classic half set lashes can do a similar job. While they too can enhance features, half lashes give a different and unique look to other lash treatments. Applying extensions to every other lash from the middle to the outer corner of the lash line means that the overall effect is a fluffy, ‘cat-eye’ like outcome.

Who Can Have A Half Set of Lashes?

Life can be busy for everyone, so if your client is someone on the go but still looking for an eyelash beauty treatment, half lash extensions are a great match. As it is named, half lashes will take almost half of the time that a full set of classic or volume lash extensions would take. This treatment will save time and product, but it will still deliver a quality outcome.

Additionally, this may be a treatment perfect for beginners who are unsure of the style, density or volume they are looking for in semi-permanent lash extensions, applying half lashes will give them a subtle, more natural look. It is a great introduction to eyelash extensions by seeing the benefits without the full commitment, should a client wish to add on to their lashes during an infill appointment, a half set of lashes is a great base to work up from.

How to Map A Set of Half Lashes

We have included a completely free Half Lash Set Map below to illustrate a smooth and perfect execution of your application. Thinking about what techniques and products to use when approaching this style, it is important to consider the client’s eyes and natural lashes. The length and health of the lashes should be withstanding, and a London Lash Eyelash Pretreatment routine is always recommended to help you work on a clean canvas for impeccable results. Once the lashes are nice and clean, you can begin to design your eyelash map. 

London Lash Half Lash Set Map for Eyelash Extensions

After cleaning and examining your client’s lashes it is important for half lash extensions to flow cohesively. This means that if you begin lashing your client with a considerably longer lash than the natural one next to your starting point it will create a harsh and undesirable look. A length to begin with is one that closely resembles the natural lash, from then on you can build up length and thickness to the outer corner. Using a mix of 7 to 11mm (C, CC) Classic Chelsea single lash extensions would be a suitable estimate for the natural look with desired effect.


- Adding some Volume lashes could give a fuller more lifted effect in the outer corners. Mega Volume extensions would not be recommended as the transition between lashes may be too severe. 

- For clients with a softer complexion or who desire a softer look, our Classic Mayfair Black/Brown lashes are a perfect choice. 

- Eye shapes are important. That's why we suggest a C / CC curl for your lash extensions. It utilises the natural shape of the eye giving the outer corners the desired lift. For example a D curl may compress small eyes even further and the effect of the extensions will not be as lifting. For smaller eyes a mix of C / CC and an L curl will help to enlarge the client's eyes.

- Our London Lash Glue range is great for Classic lashes. Getting the right amount of glue is important, in essence – a little goes a long way. As you're lashing every other lash (in this treatment) it would be recommended to use just enough for good retention, and you will also avoid stickies. If you have chosen to go ahead with Classic Mayfair Black/Brown lashes, Crystal Bond would be a good choice as it is clear and has a 1-2 second drying time. If you're unsure of which glue suits you best, take our London Lash Glue Quiz here to find your perfect match.