Tips for Coloured Lash Extensions

Coloured Lashes are a stunning and unique lashes that do not get recognition they deserve. Coloured Lashes are perfect for festivals, party seasons and festive holidays among many other reasons a client may want to add a burst of colour to their look. These lash extensions are bound to be eye-catching and turn heads, so help your clients achieve the look they desire by knowing the ins and outs of coloured lash extensions. Here are some Top Tips on how to work with coloured lashes.


Crystal Bond is the perfect glue to use for Coloured Lashes to create vibrant and colourful looks that pops. Crystal Bond is a clear lash glue which is helpful for coloured lashes as it will not leave the usual black strip along the lash line from normal extension glues.

White Coloured Lash Extensions

Photo credit @matusevichlash


Using Black Lash Glue would create a more defined eyeliner effect. Working with a darker coloured lash such as Dark Blue or Black Brown - using black glue would be compatible. It is surprising how easily an eyeliner effect is achieved this way saving your client any issues using or removing makeup around their new fluffy lash extensions.

 TOP TIP - Being precise with glue application is specifically important with coloured lashes as it is more noticeable. Make sure you are consistent with your application. 

Dark Blue Eyelash Extensions

 Photo credit @anastasia_lashexpert


Using coloured eyelash extensions that compliment the client's eye colour is a beautiful way to accentuate features. If a client has blue eyes, try using subtle blue lashes in the outer corners of the lash line, and similarly with other colours. This placement tip opens up the client's eyes even more and makes them appear bigger and especially brighter.

Light Blue and White Eyelash Extension Set

 Photo credit @paulina_londonlashpro


Placing coloured lashes on different layers of the lash line creates different effects. If you place coloured lashes on the top layer - it will give a soft hint of the colour. This is mostly visible when the client closes their eyes.

Red Coloured Lashes on the Top Layer of Client's Natural Lashes

Photo credit @anastasia_lashexpert

Placing lashes in the middle layer of the lash line makes them seem evenly mixed with black extensions but they're still visible enough for the effect and pop of colour. This provides a subtle and blended effect.

Dark Blue Lash Extensions Placed In The Middle Layer of the Natural Lashes

Photo credit @victoria_teshi_beauty

If your place the coloured extensions on the bottom layer the colour will be more noticeable and provide a vibrant pop. Applying the coloured lash extensions to the bottom layer of the lash line makes them most visible to all the other techniques. This effect is hypnotising and bold.

Orange and Yellow Lash Extensions on Bottom Layer of Lashes

Photo credit @matusevichlash


Mixing coloured lashes with different shades (including black) creates a more subtle wearable every day look. Feel free to do this with coloured lash fans or even creating spikes. The possibilities here are endless, whether you're placing the lashes throughout the set or in the outer corners, you can create subtle looks or something bold, colourful and dramatic.

So go out there and try out something new, vibrant and exciting.