Protecting Your Clothing. How To Look Like A Pro.

The world of a Lash Technician can be a hectic and yet fulfilling job. You work hard creating lash set after lash set for your clients, making sure each set is always the desired outcome. But, when it comes to working hard, it is important to remember that you must look professional, welcoming, and put together. What does this mean? Why is this important? Let’s discuss some of the reasons why you should always look your best when a client comes through the door of your beauty salon.

Infographic Promoting Lash Tech Uniform

Protecting Yourself

Depending on your setup, whether you’re a mobile Lash Tech or you manage your own salon, looking professional is a very important part of your job. After all, you want to showcase to your clients that you are a Tech who takes pride in their appearance, and thus, your clients will feel confident in the services you provide. As a Lash Artist, you may not think a ‘uniform’ is an important part of your job, but not only will it show professionalism, but it will also protect your clothing from any products, spills, or dirt.

We have developed two very stylish and protective items, our London Lash Apron and our super chic London Lash Tunic. These protective pieces are a staple for any Lash Artist who wants to up their game and look like a pro. After all, you want to engage with your clientele and show a level of professionalism that exudes confidence not only from your knowledge, but from the way you carry yourself. And, of course, the added benefit is that you’ll be protected from any product spills and, worst of all, any Lash Glue accidents, which no one wants all over their clothing. 

While it is rare, product spills can happen. If you’re a mobile Lash Tech, you may be carrying a lot of products with you from place to place, and thus, you may have a lot of opportunities to dirty up your clothing. If you’re a busy Lash Artist working in a professional salon, you may be lashing client after client, and attention to detail when it comes to your appearance may slip. Regardless of your work environment, sometimes we are unaware of wiping our hands on our shirt, small spills, and in the worst cases, glue accidents. Therefore, protecting your clothing from any issues that may arise is the best way to continue looking professional, put together, and clean.

Great for Aesthetics

Of course, it is important to have clean clothing and to protect yourself from any spills, but investing in a ‘work uniform’ also means that you will look the part - a team of Lash Techs who clearly take their work seriously, and this will make your clients feel confident in your skills and professionalism overall. Regardless of the fact that if you work alone or as part of a large team, the London Lash Tunic and Apron provide an industry-standard professional look to any Lash Artist or team of Lash Artists.

So what is so good about each item? 

  • The London Lash Apron has an adjustable neck strap to fit all sizes. The design of this apron allows Techs to fit tools, products, and necessities neatly in the convenient and protective pockets on the front of the apron, which are easily accessible and spacious. No longer will you need to reach for the Tweezers or Gloves you place around your work station when they are concealed on your person. Or perhaps you have a Pretreatment routine with all your liquids ready to go in a specific order, the convenience of the apron’s pockets allows you to grab a product and work away in a timely manner. Needless to say, this apron will protect any clothing underneath from any lash-related incidents, such as product spills. 

London Lash Apron on Lash Artist

  • Similarly, the London Lash Tunic is an extremely stylish and protective uniform. Created from a breathable material, this tunic will keep you cool in hot weather and warm in cooler weather. The ¾ length sleeves offer protection without constraining your mobility, while the two breast pockets serve as ideal storage spots for your lash tools and Mapping Pens, ensuring you never lose them. Want to stay prepared for any task? Enhance your tunic by adding an optional belt pocket. This toolbelt-style pocket is particularly handy during brow treatments when you're on your feet working with clients. It's a stylish addition to your salon uniform, boasting two spacious pockets for storing your tools, mapping pens, Eyepatches, or even Lash Palettes.

London Lash Tunic on Model

So what’s not to love? Enter a new era of your lash career with these stylish and sleek protective designs and get ready to become a reputable and professional Lash Artist who looks the part. We know you already are one, so why not show your clients that by appearing like one too?