"Teflon" Non-stick Gel Eye Patches (20 treatments)

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Teflon eyepatches are one of the best selling eyepatches in the London Lash collection!

Designed to keep bottom lashes separated from top lashes during the eyelash extensions treatment with a specially formulated top surface that creates a non-sticky layer to help prevent extensions sticking to the patch when working with clients who have downward growing natural lashes.

The gel on Teflon patches has been specially created to keep the eyepatch in place throughout the whole application and is especially helpful for clients with oily skin or a deep set of eyes.

Due to them having a small and ergonomic shape, Teflon eyepatches can be used for any eye shape.

Want try before you buy? You can now purchase a sample pack that contains 2 pairs of eyepatches.

 Top tips on how to apply eye patches or lash pads:



2 treatments in one pack

MSDS for "Teflon" non-stick gel eyepatches available here


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