Eye Patches / Eye pads - SAMPLES

Confused by a wide range of eyepatches available on the market? Don't know which ones to choose and why? We prepared each type of London Lash eye patches in a sample size to make your choice much easier. 

Try each of them and make a decision on which ones are your favourites! 


✓ great price 

✓ an ergonomic shape which fits most of the eye shapes 

✓ very easy to place, even for beginner lash technicians

✓ thin gel strip - allows the customer’s eyes to be completely closed, which prevents potential chemical burn

✓ aloe vera extract - helps to rehydrate the skin, as well as adding brightness, elasticity and softness



✓ best selling eyepatches in London Lash collection

✓ special non-sticky top surface to prevent extensions sticking to patch when working with clients who have downward growing natural lashes 

✓ small shape perfect for clients with a small or deep set of eyes

✓ the specially created gel that keeps the eyepatches in place throughout the whole appointment which works great for clients with oily skin



✓ extra thin and flexible to fit any eye shape!

✓ loved by clients who feel discomfort while using regular eyepatches

✓ the super small shape which is especially great for clients with very small eyes

contain plant extracts that are known for boosting microcirculation, antioxidant and anti-allergy properties, leaving the skin looking healthy and radiant


✓ an ergonomic shape has been specially created to fit closely to the inner corners of the eyes, keeping the eyepatches in place throughout the whole application, and making them super easy to apply.

✓ aloe vera extract that helps to rehydrate the skin, increases brightness, adds elasticity and hydration.

✓  Vitamin C helps to reduce redness and dull-look for sensitive under-eye skin, as well as promotes the production of collagen.