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Foam tape / Microfoam tape

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What kind of tape do you use for eyelash extensions? How do you keep bottom lashes down?

Foam tape is the most COST EFFECTIVE eyepatch solution loved by thousands of lash technicians all around the world. It's cheaper than the CHEAPEST eye pads for eyelash extensions! 5 meters of microfoam tape will allow you to create:

  • 80 lash sets  (£0.08/$0.10/€0.10 per set!)  from the 2.5cm wide tape roll
  • 160 lash sets ( £0.08/$0.10/€0.10 per set!) from the 5cm wide tape roll

Why use foam tape for eyelash extensions?

You can use the foam tape for ANY client, however, it’s an absolute “must-have” for those clients who:

  • are allergic to the gel of eye patches
  • have oily skin (foam tap has excellent “staying in one place” ability)
  • have bulbous eyesOR struggle to keep their eyes tightly closed during treatment - the thicker foam helps to keep the fumes away from the eyes
  • like  to talk during the treatment and, as a result, their eyes are constantly shaking. 
  • have  sensitive watery eyes. 

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Product properties

Hypoallergenic Latex-free Lint-free
Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020

Customer Reviews

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Charli Donnellan
Great but keeps lifting

I really want to love this tape, it’s great to work with but I struggle with some clients sometimes the tape doesn’t stick and lifts after an hour, I clean and dry around the eye area so not sure what I’m doing wrong


I bought the bigger microfoam tape to try and OMG, instantly fall in love with it! So easy to cut, can be perfectly customised to each clients eyeshade. Once placed on it doesn't move at all! And I noticed with my beginner student that they tend to push the eyepatches when they are isolating the NL and this foam tape is so much more safer to use because its thicker and it doesn't move!
Definitely getting rid of all my old school eye patches and ordering more of this foam tape when I run out of it :)