Eyelash Extension Ideas for Secret Santa Gifts

With Christmas fast approaching and many of you working in a beauty salon which hosts multiple Lash Artists, you may have a tradition of Secret Santa, as many businesses and friendship groups do. It’s often very difficult to buy for a colleague or employee and know what they may find useful when you know someone simply in a work environment, so we have come up with a few ideas of lash related items which are perfect for the festive season as Secret Santa gifts. Whether it’s an accessory or a sample bundle, with our gift ideas you can rest assured that the receiver will be thrilled no matter what.

Christmas Decoration on Tree

Sample Bundle

Depending on the skill level of your colleague, you may want to consider purchasing a few items to create a bespoke ‘Sample Bundle’ of items they’ve always wanted to try out but may be too nervous to purchase. For example, we have samples in Lash Glue, Retention Products such as Booster and Superbonder, Lashes in Chelsea and Mayfair, and Eyepatches

You may be thinking that of course the recipient has used some of these items in the past, so this is why the idea of a customisable bundle allows you to fill it up with items which they may have never used before. Are they trying to improve their lash retention? Add more retention improving samples. Are they trying to figure out using a new and faster drying eyelash glue? Add a few options of glue samples. This is a lovely gift idea which gives your Secret Santa recipient a taste of items which they may have been too cautious to spend money on previously.

Christmas Themed Mayfair Sample Lash Extensions

Lash Glue Accessories

The world of eyelash adhesives is vast and the products available are plenty. Every Lash Artist works with glue on a daily basis, so take a look around your lash salon and figure out what your gift receiver is missing from their lash kit. Perhaps they need to store their glue correctly - enter the Airtight Glue Container. What’s so good about it? Read our full dedicated blog. Maybe your colleague is constantly shaking their lash glue by hand or they’re asking to use someone else’s shaker every time they need to shake their glue - consider gifting them their very own Glue Shaker

Maybe you’ve noticed they need a special bundle of glue accessories and you want to spruce up their lash extensions kit with some fresh items. Consider adding to their bundle a little glue Agate Stone with a pack of disposable Glue Stickers to keep their glue dot fresh and steady. A Glue Rescue Kit with Spare Glue Nozzles if they experience emergencies, and to help replace those nozzles, a little Glue Nozzle Opener which doubles as a keychain, so they’ll never be without it. The perfect little bundle of glue accessories for a colleague who needs a little boost in their glue game.

Lastly, for those who are excited to try out a new glue or have finally got the courage and skill to move up to a faster drying glue, but feel like they need a little more education on which one to pick from our multiple options - why not get them the Ultimate Guide to Lash Glue eBook? The perfect educational material, not only for picking the best lash glue but thorough explanations on how to use glue and improve their skills when lashing. This is truly a gift that will keep on giving!

Christmas Themed London Lash Eyelash Glues


Now, we know what you may be thinking, every Lash Technician has their favourite pair of tweezers and introducing them to a new product is like denying them use of their second pair of hands. With the wide range of Eyelash Tweezers available from London Lash though, you can’t go wrong. Furthermore, many of your colleagues may already be using a pair of our tried and tested tweezers, so why not give them the gift of security with a new pair of back up pair?

Perhaps your colleagues are moving up a skill level; they may be taking a Volume lash extensions course and need a new pair of tweezers for techniques such as volume or mega volume lashing. With multiple Volume and Mega Volume Tweezer options, you can help a fellow Lash Tech save a little money and give them a gift which will help them take their career to new levels.

If your Secret Santa pick has all the tweezers they will ever want, then what’s better than gifting them a professional Tweezer Holder to keep their collection clean and safe? Storing lash tweezers is very important and we have written a dedicated blog post on how to take care of them which you can read following this link.

Christmas Themed Lash Extension Tweezers

Pretreatment and Eyelashes

When it comes to the lashing treatment, no lash kit should be missing Pretreatment. Every Lash Tech has their own Pretreatment routine, so buying a bundle of products to restock their kit is a great way to show them you have an eye for detail. Whether that is individual products for cleaning lashes, or a full 5-Step Pretreatment bundle, the options with this idea are endless.

Last but by no means least, Lash Extensions. You could restock your colleague's most used eyelash extensions or maybe they are someone who is desperate to try Premade Fans, Easy Fanning Lashes or even Premade Spikes, so why not gift them the opportunity to explore a new product which will make their experience and lash treatments faster and easier? With a purchase of a tray of lashes they’ve never tried you’re not only furthering their experience and education but you are expanding their treatment list too. Sometimes the best ideas are the most obvious ones!

Christmas Themed Eyelash Extension Trays

So there you go, a few ideas on Secret Santa gifts for your Lash Tech colleagues or staff. Take a look around, figure out what your friends need to expand their eyelash extension kits and give them the gift they may have always wanted, spreading the holiday cheer one lash at a time.